How to change IMEI number on Android device

Change IMEI number on Android device –

IMEI is the abbreviation used for International Mobile Equipment Identity, which is the unique identity of the device, which is generally used to trace the device current location, helpful when the device is stolen or lost. The IMEI number is given to the device by the manufacturer of the device, and can’t be changed permanently easily, but one can change IMEI number of Android device for a particular period of time, temporarily. Where changing the IMEI number has a number of advantages, it has some advantages too, so make sure you do it only when necessary. Here, we have discussed the steps for how to change IMEI number on Android device.

Reason to change IMEI number –

  1. One can convert or change device IMEI number to get the unique ID for a particular device
  2. Also, the procedure to change or convert device IMEI number can be done to fix the invalid IMEI number problem of the device.
  3. By changing or converting device IMEI number one will be able to make the device untraceable and unreachable from any kind of tracing.
  4. One can repair, reset, or update the device by changing or converting device IMEI number.

It should be kept in mind that it is an illegal activity to convert or change device IMEI number in some countries, so before even trying the procedure to change device IMEI number, one should check the legal terms carefully in their respective region. Another thing that should be kept in mind that after changing the device IMEI number owner can’t claim the warranty of the device, even if the device is in the initial stage of the warranty period. A lot of problems may arise if you try to claim any kind of legal warranty, as the IMEI number is the only thing which can be identified for a device uniquely.

To change device IMEI number there are two ways, one procedure is to change device ID with a root device and another is to change device IMEI number where no root needed. To change device IMEI using a root device, you need to use the IMEI changer software. And for the no root device procedure, you need not any such software.

How to find device IMEI number of an Android phone 

If you don’t know, you can check out the IMEI number if your device easily, to do this, simply follow the steps mentioned below.

Go to the phone app in your device and simply dial *#06#, after which you will be shown the IMEI number of your device.

If using this method, you are unable to check out the IMEI number of your device, simply go to the device Settings, then in settings select About Phone option and finally select the Status option to check out the IMEI number of the device.

How to change IMEI number on Android device

As we have mentioned, there are two ways to change IMEI number on the Android device. The very first method is using the Root device to change IMEI number of the Android device, and another one is to change IMEI number with No Root device.

Change IMEI number using Root device –

STEP 1 –

The very first step to change IMEI number is to get the device a root access, or simply we can say you need to root the device for which you want to change IMEI number.


STEP 2 –

After this, you need to install the Device ID Changer software on your device to continue the procedure.

Follow the link given below to download the software on your device.



STEP 3 –

After installing the Device ID changer on your device, open the app, and simply follow the instruction to change IMEI number.


STEP 4 –

After you complete the procedure to change IMEI number, simply restart the device and its done.


Change IMEI number with No Root device –

STEP 1 –

Before changing the IMEI number with this method, make sure that you create a backup of your device on other devices like PC or on the cloud storage, this is your decision.

STEP 2 –

After creating the backup of the device, and making sure that all the important data is safe, you need to select the Factory Data Reset option, which can be found in the device settings and under Backup and Reset.

STEP 3 –

This will wipe out the data existing on your smartphone or phone and after the resetting, if the device has been done, you will find the new IMEI number.

If you have done the above-mentioned steps, you are done with the procedure, How to change IMEI number in Android device.

NOTE – Before proceeding with the procedure of how to change IMEI make sure that it is not illegal in your region. The above post is for informational purpose only. Any member of team VoStory doesn’t support any illegal activity.


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