How to convert images to JPEG: Step-by-Step

convert image to jpeg

JPEG is the most common image format file used by a digital camera and other photographic image capture devices. It is the most common format for storing and sharing photographic images on the internet, as it can be supported by almost every device and almost every software, whether it’s an editing software or social media. Digital photographs or images come in a number of formats, including web graphics like GIF, PNG, also the high-resolution print photos like TIF, PDF and vector illustrations like EPS, SVG. But sometimes it’s not feasible to share the higher size of the image through the social media apps or any other platform, where high quality is not needed. But JPEG comes out to be the suitable option for both size and quality. It often works for both print and web formats and nearly any computer or device can view it. Any lower or a medium quality image can be converted to high-quality JPEG format image easily. So, here, we will be discussing how to convert image to JPEG using editing software, and also how to convert image to JPEG online easily, with some simple steps.


How to convert image to JPEG with Editing Software.

First of all, you need to have a graphics editing program, like Adobe Photoshop. We will be explaining the steps with the use of Adobe Photoshop. This editing software is paid, but any other free editing software like Corel Paint Shop can also be used in the same way that we are going to discuss.

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Higher quality JPEG image

STEP 1 –

Open the Adobe Photoshop on your system and go to File, which can be found on the top left side. And after this, you need to select Open. Simply open the photo that you want to convert, by simply clicking on the icon once. Click on Open to get started with the conversion.

STEP 2 –

After the selection of photo, you need to make a copy of the image. To do this, simply select the photo, then right-click on it and select Edit or press Ctrl + A and select Edit from the top menu bar and finally select Copy.

STEP 3 –

And now the new higher resolution document needs to be created. To do this, select File from the top left the side, and click on New. This will create a new canvas for editing. And by default, the dimensions match with the image that was copied in STEP 2. The new dimensions need to be changed for a higher resolution photo. To do this, set the higher pixel per inch value, for instance, you can input 300 pixels per inch, which is enough. After setting up the Pixel Per Inch value, click OK to proceed.

STEP 4 –

Now you just need to paste the original image into the higher resolution document, that you have created in the previous STEP. Select on Edit from the top menu bar and select Paste.

STEP 5 –

Now if you have done all that, at last simply save the higher resolution image in the JPEG file format. To do this, simply click on File and select Save option. Select the file location and a different name to it. Now select the Format option and select the JPEG option from the drop-down menu, and simply hit Save.

In the JPEG options, click on the Image Options, which can be found in the same dialogue box. Set the Image Options value to 12 to get the highest quality possible.

At last click OK to finally save the higher resolution JPEG image.


How to convert image to JPEG online

If you want to convert image to JPEG online, you need an online converter, for this Go2Convert can be used, its a good converted also keep a record of your converted or uploaded images.


STEP 1 –

First of all, visit the online converter, and under the banner of UPLOAD A NEW IMAGE FILE. Click on the Select File option, which you will find right there easily. After this locate and select the image that you want to convert to JPEG. And after selection of the file, finally, hit Upload Now, to proceed to the next STEP.

STEP 2 –

After the image selection, the converter will upload your selected image and after this you need to select the format in which you want to convert your image, select JPEG from the list and proceed.

STEP 3 –

After this select the JPEG image parameters. The new parameters need to be changed for a higher resolution photo. To do this, set the higher pixel per inch value, for instance, you can input 300 pixels per inch, which is enough. 

STEP 4 –

And finally, select the quality according to you, and hit Convert Now.


So, this is the procedure to convert an image to JPEG online and also with an editing software. If you have any queries, you can ask in the comment section, we will try to reach you as soon as possible.

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