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How to counter Wrecking Ball’s rolling attack in Overwatch

Whole Overwatch community is well aware of Havoc the Hammond aka Wrecking Ball can cause in the game when it goes on rolling. The wrecking ball was released in July last year. It had an immediate impact on the game as the newest Tank hero.

How to counter Wrecking Ball’s rolling attack in Overwatch

Fans have already witnessed some epic play with the Hammond in Overwatch League. Now, a player has found out a way to stop the ball just before it hits its dangerous maneuver.

The timing is perfect from Overwatch

In a post of Overwatch subreddit, user paulnyc20 highlighted how Doomfist can easily counter the vicious roll of Hammond. Paulnyc20 was playing on the map Busan with Doomfist. He waited for the Roll to come across his path, then delivered a powerful punch. Doomfist’s punch sent the ball straight off the map.

By coincidence, Wrecking Ball got hit by speeding bullet train and didn’t get a chance to grapple back. It granted a kill for the Doomfist.

Knocking the ball to the front of a train is not a good strategy on the Overwatch map. But, on Busan, it’s worth to try.

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