How to Create a Channel in IGTV | Create Channel On IGTV instagram

How to Create a Channel in IGTV

How to Create a Channel in IGTV

Instagram one of the most popular social networking platform is ready to take on its rival YouTube. At an event in San Francisco, the company has announced IGTV in their new Instagram update which will allow users to upload videos of 1-hr length. Previously, users can only upload the videos of one-minute limit.

So, what are you waiting for, create your channel on the IGTV app and start making some videos? You can upload videos by singing in and creating a channel with your Instagram account ID. In case you are wondering How to make a channel on Videos, here are the Steps to Create a channel on IGTV :

Create an IGTV Channel With APP


First of all, download and install the Instagram app on the Android or ios device and log in to your account (business account).


Now, open the IGTV app, click on the settings and head over to your profile. Here, tap on ‘Create Channel.’



IGTV app will show some of the basic videos of IGTV videos, Now simply tap ‘Next’ and then tap on ‘Create Channel.’

That’s all. You have successfully created your channel on IGTV. IGTV uses your default Instagram profile to create your channel, and you can click on your profile icon on IGTV  app to see your channel at any time.

Create an IGTV Channel without IGTV App

If you haven’t installed the IGTV app, then also you can create your channel on the Instagram itself. Here are the steps you have to follow to create IGTV channel without App,


First of all, open the Instagram app, now tap on the IGTV icon at the top right of the app, and then click on the Settings icon.


Now, Tap on Create Channel.

That’s all, Now you have to Follow further steps that appear on-screen, and that’s it. You’ve successfully created your IGTV channel.

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