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How to create IMVU account: Step-by-Step

The Internet is the world to all the social media platforms, various social media provides the platform to connect with people in different ways, like on Instagram, it is done using photos and videos, on Twitter, it is done using micro-blogs, and there are other websites too. One of these platforms is IMVU, which is an online entertainment website that allows the users to create a 3D avatar of their choice. And by creating these avatars you can chat, be friends and play games with other members of the IMVU forums. There is a lot more other than playing games and chatting and IMVU has its own economy and currency system called IMVU credits, with which you can buy virtual clothes, car, accessories and not only this, you can use them to hang around in virtual clubs, buy a home and a lot more. You must try IMVU, and you need to create IMVU account for that. So, here, we will discuss how to create account on IMVU.


How to create IMVU account:


STEP 0 –

You can follow two ways to create an account on IMVU, first is by using the IMVU app, which is available for Android and iOS platform and can be downloaded for free. Another is by visiting the website on your PC or mobile device.




STEP 1 –

If you want to create IMVU account with using PC, first of all, open web browser on your device and visit And if you are continuing on your mobile device, open the app and you will be directed to the login page automatically.


STEP 2 –

On the Sign In page on IMVU, there will be two options to create an account, you need to simply select the Continue With Facebook option. And fill up all the asked details related to your IMVU account.

how to create account on IMVU


STEP 3 –

After filling up all the details, you will be asked to select an avatar. Here, you can create your avatar as you like and also you need to select the name of the avatar.

how to create account on IMVU


STEP 4 –

After creating the avatar of your choice, next step is to create a strong password for your IMVU account. We recommend choosing a strong password with a combination of letters and special symbols. After setting up, simply, verify the password by following the instructions.


STEP 5 –

Enter your date of birth and other asked details. And enter the captcha letters carefully in the given captcha box.

Finally, after entering all the details click on the Create IMVU Account option.

How to login to IMVU Account

STEP 1 –

First of all, go to the official website of IMVU or you can also continue with the IMVU application for the mobile device.


STEP 2 –

On reaching the home page of the website or homepage of the app. Locate and select the Log In option.

how to create account on IMVU


STEP 3 –

After this a dialog box will appear, here you need to enter your username and password of the IMVU account.

how to create account on IMVU

If you’ve done all the steps discussed above, you’re done with the ” how to create IMVU account”. Steps involved are easy but if you still have any queries, you may ask in the comments section below.

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