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How to download Instagram Lite App in any region

How to download Instagram Lite App in any region

Facebook-owned Instagram recently announced that it now has one billion monthly active users and 400 million daily active Instagram Story users. To expand this growth the company has launched Instagram Lite, the light version of the Instagram app. The size of the app is almost 0.5 MB and it runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. Also recently the social giant has launched another app dubbed IGTV for giving more opportunity to the creators and to Clash with Video-Giant YouTube in which users can create Channels and upload videos of up to 1 hour. However, the Lite version of the Instagram is not available in all region, but anyways you can download by reading the procedure given below.

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How to download Instagram Lite App


STEP 1 –

First of all, open any browser on your computer. And search for the Playstore link for Instagram Lite app. If not found, you can simply visit the below mentioned link, which will direct you to the Instagram app on Playstore web.


STEP 2 –

After visiting the Play store web, you need to do a little change in the URL of the page, which you can see at the top of the page. Here, simply delete the portion of the URL which includes “ hl=en& ”.

How to download Instagram Lite App


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STEP 3 –

After editing the part of the URL, copy the new edited URL and copy it. Open a new tab in the browser and visit the APKpure webpage, or simply tap the below mentioned link to continue.


STEP 4 –

The link will direct you to the homepage of the APKpure website. Here, at the top of the page, go to the Products and in the drop-down menu select the APK download option.

How to download Instagram Lite App


STEP 5 –

This will direct to a new page. Here, you need to paste the edited that you copied in STEP 2 in the box given at the centre of the page. And at last hit the download option, that is, the down green icon near that box.

How to download Instagram Lite App


STEP 6 –

This will download the APK to your PC, check in the Downloads option of your browser, if not found try to search the APK. Now, you need to transfer the Instagram Lite APK in your mobile device.

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STEP 7 –

Finally, after transferring the Instagram Lite to the mobile device, find the apk and hit install.


You can also try another way to download Instagram Lite App

In this method, you need to download the APK directly to your Android device. This sometimes may not work, I asked my friend who lives in Texas, US, he also tried the below-mentioned method, but the download doesn’t start properly. But, you can give it a try once.

STEP 1 –

First of all, visit the link mentioned below.

Visit Now:

STEP 2 –

This will direct you to the Instagram Lite app page, here, simply hit the Download APK option.


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