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How to download PUBG Mobile Lite in any region

How to download PUBG Mobile Lite in any region

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND Mobile was launched globally in the month of March for Android and iOS devices. Tencent’s Lightspeed & Quantum Studios reproduced the most popular PC game, PUBG, for mobile devices. PUBG Mobile is quite popular these days with more than 50 million downloads on Playstore and millions of daily active players. The one and only little drawback of the PUBG Mobile game is the requirements for specifications of the devices. PUBG Mobile is a heavy game with realistic graphics and details, which apparently needs high-end devices for a smooth gameplay or with higher frame rates. Now, Tencent has launched PUBG Mobile Lite, which is basically a 200MB app alternative for the original version, which is optimized for lower-end devices. But the app is not available on the global platform, only available in the Philippines. But, you can also try the PUBG Mobile Lite version in your region, here, we have discussed steps for, how to download PUBG Mobile Lite in any region.

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The main aim of the PUBG Mobile Lite is to bring the same gaming experience in low-end devices, as the original PUBG Mobile comes with realistic graphics and for this kind of graphics one need to have a high-end device, but the Lite version as you may get the idea from the name itself, is specially optimised for the devices with lower processing power and lower RAM. According to the official recommendations for the phone specification for the PUBG Mobile, you must need a device having RAM more than 2GB of capacity, and good graphics, whereas, the entry-level smartphones like Moto G5S Plus struggles to get a good FPS in the gameplay. So, PUBG Mobile Lite could be an option, if you a user is ready for low graphics for the sake of better gameplay. And surely if you have decided to go with the PUBG Mobile Lite, you will face no problem in gameplay, but in much lower quality, the details like grass, designs on the walls, and shiny surface of the guns, won’t appear that good. I totally agree that a game is literally nothing without the good graphics, but if you have a lower end device, plus you want to play PUBG Mobile that bad, there is no option other than PUBG Mobile Lite.

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How to download PUBG Mobile Lite in any region

There is one unfortunate reason which generates a probability of you not liking the new PUBG Mobile Lite version. Yes, it’s true the Lite version will be giving the same gameplay experience, but there are some changes in the game. First of all, you won’t be able to play with your friends who use PUBG Mobile original global version, as there will be different servers for the PUBG Mobile Lite players, and secondly, the map will be smaller, half of the map in the original version, also only maximum of 40 players can join the single classic mode matchmaking.

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How to download PUBG Mobile Lite in any region

As told earlier the PUBG Mobile Lite app is currently available on Google Play store for the Philippines region only, so, the Philippines based players can download the new PUBG Mobile Lite straight away from the PlayStore.



If you are not in Philippines region, you need to wait till the PUBG Mobile Lite version launches in your region, but if you still want to try out the new PUBG Mobile Lite version on your device, you can follow the steps for, how to download PUBG Mobile Lite, where you need to use a VPN app and download PUBG Mobile Lite APK from another source.


How to download PUBG Mobile Lite in any region –


STEP 1 –

First of all, download PUBG Mobile Lite apk from the link mentioned below. If the link mentioned doesn’t work, you may try out the second link to download PUBG Mobile Lite apk.




STEP 2 –

After downloading the PUBG Mobile Lite apk, the next step is to download the OBB file for the PUBG Mobile Lite. The link for the OBB file is also mentioned below, so simply download the OBB file and paste the file in obb folder, which can be found in the Android folder in the device storage.

DOWNLOAD PUBG Mobile Lite - OBB File


STEP 3 –

The PUBG Mobile Lite version is available only available in the Philippines version, so you can’t play on the servers if you have the APK and OBB file of the LITE app, so the next step is to download the VPN app for accessing the Philippines servers. You can download any VPN available on the Google Play Store which has the Philippines in the option, or you can try downloading the app that is mentioned below.



STEP 4 –

After installing the PUBG Mobile Lite app and locating the OBB file in exact place, you need to setup the VPN app before launching the app. So, open the VPN app that you have downloaded, and select the Philippines in the server’s options.

If you’ve done all the mentioned steps for how to download PUBG Mobile Lite. Just launch the PUBG Mobile Lite app and connect the account with Facebook and that’s it, you are all done, just jump into the battleground to get that Chicken Dinner.

So, this is all about how to download PUBG Mobile Lite in any region, the steps involved are easy but if you still face any problem, do let us know in the comments section below.


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