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How to get Mi Moji in any Android device

How to get Mi Moji in any Android device –

Apple introduced the innovative Animoji with the launch of the iPhone X last year. Unlike the simple emoticons, Animoji is an all-new approach, where the device detects the facial expressions to create emoji avatars which can be customized by the owners with various accessories. Like the Animoji in iPhone X, many companies like Samsung, Asus, Oppo have introduced similar implementations, also Xiaomi introduced its own version of the Animoji called, Mi Moji. Earlier, the Mi Moji was available to some of the Xiaomi devices, but now can be download in any Android device, here, we have discussed, how to get Mi Moji in any Android device.

Xiaomi Mi Moji feature allows the users to create a more than 10 animated version of the emoji. And it can record the facial expressions and sound for up to 30 seconds. You can record your voice, not only this, the voice can be edited to sound like cartoon, women, and men. And the recorded video can be accessed easily in the gallery of the device and can be shared easily on a different platform with friends easily.

To get Mi Moji in any Android device in any Android device, you need an APK, which is ported by the folks at XDA. The new Xiaomi Mi Moji APK is compatible with most of the device having Android 5.0+ and the device which run ARM-based processors.

How to get Mi Moji in any Android device

All you need to do is visit the link, to download the APK and install it on your Android device.

Simply open the app, and record the Mi Moji with your favorite avatar and share it with your friends.

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