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How to hide apps on iPhone XS or XS Max or XR

Hide apps on iPhone XS –

Apple recently launched the all-new iPhone lineup of 2018, it is the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the affordable iPhone XR, also along with the new iPhone models, Apple announced the global stable iOS 12, which is rolling out in most of the Apple smartphones and other devices. With new iOS 12, Apple has introduced a lot of new features for the devices, but talking specifically, the feature to hide apps as a special option is still not available for the iOS platform. But, there is a way to hide apps on iPhone XS or XS Max or any iOS supporting device. All you need to do is explore the device settings a little bit more. So, here’s, how to hide apps on iPhone XS or XS Max.

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Before we start, you should know, that the feature can’t be used to hide a single app in the device, if the app is native or pre-loaded, you can simply hide it, but if it is third party app, then it can’t be hidden simply. Overall the trick is very useful if you want to hide for a while from your kids or any other reasons.

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How to hide apps on iPhone XS –

STEP 1 –

First of all, on your iPhone XS open the device Settings which is the gear icon app. And in the Settings app, scroll down to find the Screen Time option. Open the Screen Time option and simply select the Content & Privacy Restrictions option.

how to hide apps on iPhone XS

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STEP 2 –

Right after this, you will be asked to enter the password, but if you haven’t created the password easier, you need to create the password to enable the Content & Privacy option.

how to hide apps on iPhone XS


STEP 3 –

The pre-loaded apps on your iPhone XS can be hidden easily. All you need to do is, select the Allowed Apps option and simply disable apps that you want to hide from the device.

how to hide apps on iPhone XS


STEP 4 –

The native apps in iPhone XS are easy to hide, but for the third party apps, you need to follow the other procedure. To do this, first of all, select the Content Restriction option, where you will get a number of option that you can restrict, like Podcasts, Movies, Books, and Apps.

how to hide apps on iPhone XS


STEP 5 –

Select Apps to hide any third party apps. Here, a task needs to be done, as it’s a trick, you can’t simply hide the apps. You can restrict the apps on basis of ratings, as you can see, 4+, 7+ and others. To hide the app, you need to check by turning on rating restrictions one by one. If you want the exact rating of the app that you want to hide, simply go to the App Store, where you will find the ratings in the app information.

how to hide apps on iPhone XS

So, this is all about the steps for, how to hide apps on iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max or iOS devices. The steps are easy, but if are facing any problem, you may ask us in the comments section below.

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