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How to install Android P Beta 2 on Oneplus 6

In the past few years, Oneplus has risen from a mid-tier market player to one of the few companies whose flagship phone receives Beta version of an upcoming Android update. The Android P Beta 2 for Oneplus 6 is now available to download and flash. The Android P Beta 2 brings with it a variety of new things. For example, it has now enabled Face Unlock which had issues with the previous Beta. You also get a few Oxygen OS features, like Ambient Display, which shows time and notifications on the screen even if the phone is locked. It also brought the system accent colors of the Oxygen OS. The new features look fantastic; you can try them on your Oneplus 6, here, we will be discussing How to install Android P Beta 2 on Oneplus 6

One of the major changes in the Android P Beta 2 is the inclusion of Google Lens right in the main camera app. Google Lens is a software by Google which uses AI capabilities to identify objects on the screen just by tapping on them. Cameras use this feature to identify scenes and adjust image settings accordingly. This will give Oneplus 6 a powerful boost on its already amazing camera performance.

Android P beta on Oneplus 6
Google Lens feature: Source: XDA

There were a few tweaks to the UI too, and a lot of app compatibility issues were also fixed. There are still a few problems that need to be ironed out. The Wi-Fi Device manager isn’t working properly which may lead to some connection issues. The Portrait mode is currently unusable, which might be a downer for those who like to click Bokeh effect pictures a lot. Also, Widevine L1 is temporarily unavailable. To the uninitiated, Widevine is a DRM service built right into Android which helps prevent piracy of copyrighted content. In short, apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video may not work.

Android P beta on Oneplus 6
Amoled Display Customisation, Source: XDA

The Android P Beta Update 2 can be installed on your Oneplus 6 by following the upcoming steps. Note that you WILL have to erase all data off of your device, and the experience may not be stable and smooth, given the fact that it is still in Beta.

How to install Android P Beta 2 on Oneplus 6: 

  1. Download the Android P Beta 2 ROM from here.
  2. Backup all your files.
  3. Boot into TWRP. To install TWRP, follow this link
  4. Perform a factory reset in TWRP.
  5. Copy the ROM into your device’s storage and flash it using TWRP. Reboot the device into OnePlus recovery.
  6. Full wipe your device and boot.



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