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How to Juggle Four Items in Fortnite while Sprinting

Whenever we see a loot in Fortnite there are a lot of items we wish to pick up but the limitation of carrying the inventory keeps bugging us.

As of there, there are five open slots available to hold the items, consumables & weapons in Fortnite

In the situation like these, the player has to make a decision which item to hold and which item to leave by.

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But some players and streamer have managed to juggle the items in a very short frame of time so they can get all the required inventory

One Reddit user named /u/ImSpeedyGonzalez has shared a way to quickly juggle the items at once on PC and that too, while you are running fast.

Juggle Four Items in Fortnite while Sprinting


The method which he has suggested is to change the “Use” binding to Mouse Wheel Down and it is achievable with a little bit of practice with keyboard and mouse

Juggle Four Items in Fortnite

In addition, to get this technique to work properly, one needs to focus on getting the right angle while sprinting as the item may drop off.



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