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How to play Youtube video in background

In the entertainment industry, a  number of streaming services are available for watching videos, listening songs and a lot more, but the majority of them are paid services, but among all, Google-owned, Youtube is the most popular platform to stream and share videos. According to reports, Google-owned free video streaming services has more than 1.57 billion monthly active users and 30 million daily active users. You can find not only every video on this platform but also a lot more than that, there are a lot of creators who create podcasts for the viewers, and gathers a lot of views too, but Youtube has a little disadvantage that you can’t listen to songs or the podcasts in the background while performing other tasks on the same smartphone. And also you can’t just put the smartphone in the pocket while the screen is turned on. But, this is not a problem at all, you can also use Youtube like any other music players in your smartphone, where you can simply do other works too while the music playback going on in the background. Here we will tell you, how to play Youtube video in background, so that you can enjoy the music, while sitting back relax while your device screen is locked down.

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The steps involved for how to play Youtube video in background are easy, where Youtube works similarly as it works in your PC, where the youtube can be played in a tab in the Chrome browser, and you can do other work too, without keeping the tap active.


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How to play Youtube video in background –


STEP 0 –

To play Youtube video in background, first of all, you need the Google Chrome Browser on your Android device. So, make sure to download the Chrome app from the Google Play store, if you don’t have it.


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STEP 1 –

After installing the Google Chrome browser, open it. And in a new tab, open Youtube, type in the URL box at the top. And in the Youtube page, search any video or the song that you want to play in background.

how to play Youtube video in background


STEP 2 –

In the Google Chrome browser, turn on the Desktop Mode. To do this, firstly tap on the More option, which is the hamburger icon or the three-dot icon at the top right corner of the page. Scroll down a little and select the checkbox saying Desktop Mode.

how to play Youtube video in background


STEP 3 –

After this, play the video that you want to play in background and press the home navigation key. But doing this the video will stop playing. All you need to do is, swipe down the notification bar, where you will find the playback control to play Youtube video, here simply tap on the play button.

how to play Youtube video in background


Tapping on the play button will play Youtube video in background that was selected by you. You can now enjoy any songs while doing work without the screen turned on all the time and consuming battery for nothing. You can also listen to podcasts or any other video that you like.


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