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How to record screen on Macbook using QuickTime

Record Screen is the feature that can be very useful many times, where every activity on the device screen can be recorded easily. Talking about recording screen in Android devices, you don’t get any specially inbuilt app by the Android OS itself, but Apple‘s iOS devices support an inbuilt record screen feature after the iOS 11 update. We already talked about the screen record feature in iPad. It is easy and can be done by simply tapping on the record icon in the control center. The record screen on Macbook is also very easy, and can be done using the inbuilt application and here we will discuss how to record screen on Macbook.


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The task to record screen in Macbook is easy and you need to install any third party application for it. Apple has its own QuickTime software to record screen on Macbook, on any version of Macbook, that is, Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, the procedure is the same. QuickTime is very useful when you need to record screen on Macbook for any reason if you want to create a video tutorial, record gameplay to show off to your friends or any other task. With QuickTime, you can also choose whether to record full screen or a part of the screen. And also you can choose the microphone to be used to record audio along with the screen video.

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How to record screen on Macbook


STEP 1 –

To record screen on Macbook, first of all, go to all applications and search and select QuickTime Player software to launch it.

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STEP 2 –

After opening the QuickTime Player application go to the File and then go to New Screen Recording.

How to record screen on Macbook


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STEP 3 –

Doing this, a small control panel will pop out on the screen where you can control the recording feature. Here, the recording will start when you hit the red Record button.


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STEP 4 –

You also get some extra options that can be useful for you when recording the screen on Macbook. To see the available options, simply click the small arrow pointing downwards, which can be found next to the red record button.

How to record screen on Macbook


STEP 5 –

One of the options available is the option to select the microphone to record voice along with the screen recording of the Macbook. You can use this feature if you want to create a tutorial on Macbook with the support of audio. Here, you can choose if you want to use the internal microphone or any other externally attached microphone.


STEP 6 –

You can choose if you want to record screen on Macbook in full view or to record a part of the screen. To record a part of the screen, simply drag the window according to your need. The option will appear as soon as you hit the record button.


STEP 7 –

When you are satisfied with the record screen on Macbook, you can stop the recording simply by clicking on the stop button. The stop button can be found on the same record control panel at the top of the screen on Macbook.


When done, the video will be saved automatically, and before saving it you can preview the recorded screen video.

So, this is all about, how to record screen on Macbook. The steps involved are easy, but if you still face any problem, you may ask us in the comments section below.


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