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How to request shows on Netflix: Step-by-Step

Netflix, the world’s most popular streaming services providing a brilliant medium for the people all over the globe to stream a number of TV series. Netflix produced not only the international hits like Stranger Things, Lost In Space but also local TV series in various countries, including India. And a new feature had been in the news about the Netflix secret request feature, with which users can suggest and request movies and TV shows of which no streaming is available. Lot of people wondered about the new feature as it can’t be seen easily in the app, as the request page is hidden anonymously in the Netflix help center page, which is the obvious reason why most of the users were not able to discover it even the feature has been there for more than a year. The request feature went viral as soon as a Twitter user in the Philippines tweeted Netflix Philippines and comedian Chelsea Peretti retweeted it. And if you still don’t know about it and thinking to request shows on Netflix, we will be discussing, how to request shows on Netflix.


How to request shows on Netflix-


STEP 0 –

Before starting to request shows on Netflix you need to log in to your Netflix account. To do this, firstly, visit official Netflix website and simply locate and click on login option. After this, simply fill up your existing Netflix account details in the respective sections. After you have done this, let’s move to the very first step for the procedure of how to request shows on Netflix.


Don’t have a Netflix Account? Here’s how to get Netflix free for 1 Month.

First of all, visit Netflix.com, and click on JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH.

Now, choose a suitable plan for streaming the TV shows. You can choose from three variant, Basic, Standard, and Premium.
These variants, not only differ on the quality of streaming video but on others too. In the basic version, you can stream only on one screen at a time, whereas Standard video give the option to stream on two screens and the premium version gives options of four.

Thirdly, enter your valid email id and password, click continue to proceed.

At last, you will be asked to enter the details for the credit card or debit card. You need not worry, you will be reminded by the Netflix via email, three days before the last day of expiration of the free trial, you can cancel it if you want.


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STEP 1 –

To start with, you need to navigate to the Help Center section in Netflix. To do this, after logging into your Netflix account, simply scroll down to the bottom of your account page. And at the bottom, simply click on the “Help Center” link. If you are not able to find the Help Center on your device simply click on the link below to directly reach the Help Center.


If you want to request shown on Netflix using the Netflix app. It can be done similarly, by going to the “Go To Help Center” option. To do this, tap on the menu option, the hamburger icon at the top left corner of the homepage of the app. Simply locate and tap “Go To Help Center” at the bottom of the list that pops up. This will direct you to the Help Center in a web browser, and after this continue the steps below.


STEP 2 –

Clicking on the mentioned link will direct you to the new page, where you need to visit the “Quick Links” section of that page. To do this, simply, scroll down to the bottom of the Help Center page. Where you will easily see a “Quick Links” section. In this section, you will find a number of links, and in these, you will find an option to request new television shows or movies from Netflix.

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STEP 3 –

In the quick links section, click on “Request TV shows or movies”  option. After this, you will be taken to a form, where you can fill up your shows or movies requests, but you can only fill names of up to three TV shows or movies at a time. Simply fill up the spaces, with your suggestions or request into the boxes given. Lastly, click on the blue box titled “Submit Suggestion.”

request shows on netflix


STEP 4 –

Right after you submit your three requests or suggestions, you will be directed to a new page where you will find a link saying, “Suggest More Titles.” You can click on that link and request additional titles to be streamed on your favorite, Netflix.

After the request has been made, sit back and relax. You need not request a title more than once, again and again. You will only waste your time doing this, as requesting the same title multiple times will not make Netflix add your requests to their service faster. As the service provider track requests from the individual account, and neglect the multiple requests.

So, after the requesting has been done, sit back and chill as nothing more you can do about it and also, you shouldn’t. Just keep a track on recently added titles and shows. Maybe, Netflix will add your request soon.


So, these are steps involved in How to request shows on Netflix. The steps involved are easy, but still, you are having any problem, you can ask in the comments section below.


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