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How to respawn your teammates in Apex Legends-Respawn Beacon Location

Apex Legends, by Respawn Entertainment, is finally out. It is a typical battle royale game like Fortnite or PUBG. But what makes it different is the ability to respawn your teammates even if they are killed by the opponents. No, it is not the typical revive ability. So let’s find out how to revive your teammates in Apex Legends.

How to respawn your teammates in Apex Legends

In typical battle royale games, it becomes a bad situation when one of your teammates is eliminated by an opponent. This leads to a disadvantage of having fewer players against a full enemy squad. But, in Apex Legends, that’s not the case. After your teammate is eliminated, you have a chance to revive him back to life to complete the squad.

When your teammate is eliminated, a crate containing all his loot will be dropped. On that crate is his/her banner which you need to carry and take it to a Respawn Beacon. If you ping the Beacon, then your teammates will respawn and will fall of the respawn ship at the Respawn Beacon. You can check out the location of the Respawn Beacon(the green dots) in the below-given map:

Respawn Beacon Location on Apex Legends Map

How to respawn your teammates in Apex Legends 1 Photo

There are two things to keep in mind. The first thing is that either of the surviving members can use the banner at the Respawn Beacon. It is not necessary that the one who picks up the banner has to use it at the Respawn Beacon. The other thing is that the respawned player will have no gear or loot with him. So, it is advised that you keep some extra gear and loot with you for your teammate.

The ability to respawn your eliminated member can just turn the tables in a game. Subscribe to our website to get more news and updates related to Apex Legends.

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