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How to save GIF to iPhone and PC: Step-by-Step

Probably, there’s no one, who doesn’t love to use smartphone and the social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other popular app. And we do not only chatting with family and friends but also loves to share images, videos, and GIF. GIF or the famous acronym for Graphics Interchange Format are extremely popular, and one the best ways, to illustrate a situation or emotion. Most of the people don’t know that it is not a video at all, though it looks to be a little video, it is another type of file format, other than that of the video. It is just a small series of moving images with a file format that doesn’t take much space. Saving a GIF file is easy in PC and doesn’t take much time, but it’s a little bit different if you want to save GIF to iPhone. It is because doesn’t support moving images, understand it to be an ordinary image. But you can easily play a GIF file using a third party app and not only this, you can download some GIF in the app, and that can be shared form right there easily. So, here, we will discuss the steps involved to save a GIF to iPhone and a PC  

how to save gif

How to save GIF to iPhone:

In iPhone, to save a GIF that you want, you just need to tap and hold the GIF file for a moment. Doing this will show you a number of options.

Form the given options; you need to tap on Save Image. And this will save the GIF file to your gallery or Camera Roll.

To open the app, simply go to the Camera Roll or the Photos app and find your GIF. You just need to tap on it, as no other app required to do this action.

The GIF file can be shared easily. To do this, simply, go to the Camera Roll and locate the GIF file, tap on the options, and you just need to tap on Share option.

Tapping on Share button will open the available mediums with which the file can be sent. You can choose iMessage, Email, or the third party apps like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.


How to save GIF to iPhone using GIFWRAPPED app

GIFwrapped is one of the apps, with which you can find and download the GIF easily. The app is free and has its browser to surf a number of free GIF.

And not only this, if you can’t find the GIF that you want in the GIFWrapped, you can simply go to any browser, like Safari or Chrome browser and you just need to copy the link of the GIF from there and paste in the GIFwapped app.



To copy the link in your browser, just find the GIF and tap and hold the file, which will show a number is options form which you need to select Copy Link.



After pasting the link in the app, wait for the image to get load and finally tap the button on the top right side and choose Save To Library.



You can check the downloaded file in the gallery or Camera Roll and simply share it. If you can’t find the GIF, simply open the app and select Library on the bottom left of the screen. You can directly save the GIF files to the cloud storage with the Dropbox account.


How to save GIF to iPhone with GIFPLAYER  app

If you want to save GIF to your iPhone, there is one more app, with which the task can be done quickly, it’s GifPlayer which is also available in a free version. The way of saving GIF, using this app is same as the above discussed, i.e., you can either browse the GIF using the app or paste the link of the GIF file from any other browser or Google search.

In GIFPlayer you can also preview the GIF before saving it. To do this, simply tap on Open and after click on Save Animation if you want to save the file without checking it. You can also give a custom name for the GIF, to do so simply tap on Advanced Save Animation.

Like GIFWrapper app, GIFPlayer also keep s the downloaded GIF files within the app, and from there you can share the files via iMessage, Email, save to Camera Roll or assign to phone contact directly and also you can directly save the GIF files to the cloud storage with the Dropbox account.

Other than the GIF saving feature, GifPlayer also provides an extra feature. Like, you can set a 4-digit pin for the app security. So, to open the app again, one needs the password to access the saved GIF file. Also, there is an option for Reverse Playback, and as the name suggests, you need not tap the GIF, again and again, to play it continuously.

how to save gif

How to save GIF to a PC

STEP 1 –

First of all, open the GIF that you want to save. Go to the GIF, place the cursor over the GIF file.

STEP 1 –

On reaching, right click on the same position over the file right-click.


STEP 2 –

On this, a number of options will appear in a list. Simply, you need to click on “Save Image As” from the options shown.


STEP 3 –

A new window will appear, here, first of all, select the destination where you want to save the GIF, select the destination from the left side in the same window.


STEP 4 –

After selecting the required destination, simply click on the “Save as type” drop-down menu at the bottom of the same open window. In the drop-down menu, Several file options will appear. Simply, you need to choose “GIF Image” from the given options.


STEP 5 –

And at last, hit “Save.” options in the same opened window. The GIF is finally on the computer; you can check the destination.


How to open GIF in PC

STEP 1 –

This is an easy task; you just need to open a program which is GIF compatible. You can simply open a Web browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, to open the GIF file, but you won’t be able to edit this type of file.


STEP 2 –

If you have the GIF compatible software, open it and simply click on the “File” option at the top left of the software. The same has to be done, of the GIF is to be opened in a web browser.


STEP 3 –

Clicking on File option, a number of options will appear in the drop-down menu, form there simply select “Open” or “Open File.”


STEP 4 –

With this step, a new window will appear, here you need to locate the GIF in the destination that you selected while saving the GIF. In the destination simply select the GIF file inside.


STEP 5 –

After selecting the GIF file, click “Open.” You can see the GIF file opens inside the program or browser.


So, this is all about the steps involved to save a GIF to iPhone and PC. The steps are easy, but if you still have any doubts, let us know in the comment section.  


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