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How to setup AirPlay on Sonos speakers

Recently, Sonos brought AirPlay 2 support to its speakers range with a new version of the software update. AirPlay 2 works on the recently launched Sonos Beam, Sonos One, Playbase, and Play:5 (second-generation) speakers. AirPlay 2 is created to allow iOS users to select the speakers they want to play songs through, with the support of new multi-room audio support. Siri is more closely integrated into the new AirPlay 2 on iPhone device, you can ask the virtual assistant to play music on specific speakers, with Sonos, you can play music on Sonos speakers. So, here, we will discuss the steps for how to setup AirPlay on Sonos speakers, and how to play music on Sonos speakers using Siri.


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Apple AirPlay 2 is only supported on the Sonos One, the second-gen Play:5, and the newly launched Sonos Beam, you need at least one of those speakers in your Sonos setup to take advantage of AirPlay 2, but it’s not an issue if you have older speakers, you can group the older one with the compatible speakers to make AirPlay 2 work with the older, this is why we said, you need at least one speaker that supports the AirPlay 2.


How to setup AirPlay on Sonos speakers


STEP 1 –

First of all, before starting with the steps for, how to setup AirPlay on Sonos, make sure that you have the latest updated version of the Sonos companion app, as the AirPlay support needs a firmware update to the Sonos speakers, and before installing that, the Sonos app needs to be updated first. The Sonos app is available on both Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free. Go to the App Store to update the app or simply the link below to update the app.



STEP 2 –

After updating the Sonos app on your mobile device, the next step is to update the speakers. To do this, first off, open the Sonos app on your device, after this, you will be prompted to install the firmware update for the Sonos speakers. And as mentioned earlier, the AirPlay is not supported for all the Sonos speakers, but only the latest launched Sonos Beam, Sonos One and the second-gen Play 5 is on the list.

How to setup AirPlay on Sonos speakers


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If you have done all the above-mentioned step, just wait for the firmware update to get complete and after that, you are all set to play songs on your supported Sonos speakers. After the update of the firmware is completed, you can see your Sonos speaker as the AirPlay speakers on your iPhone or any other Apple device. Simply choose any song to play on your Sonos speakers.


STEP 4 –

You can also add Sonos to the iOS Home app to start playing music. To do this, go to the Home app and tap on the plus button in the corner and after that added accessory and then tap on the “Don’t have a Code or Can’t Scan?” option, which you can find at the bottom part of the screen. doing this, you will get a new menu which will display the speakers, that you have connected earlier, tap on the name of the speakers to add them as the home device and also you are able to assign a room with the help of HomeKit. You can also ask Siri to start playing the music on your Sonos speakers after adding to the Home app, to do this, ask Siri to play songs via Apple Music or any music library.

How to setup AirPlay on Sonos speakers

As per now, Sonos has sold more than 20 million devices, with an average of about three speakers per customer, and recently company also filed to go public. Sonos was originally founded in 2002, and now it has successfully dominated the top-notch market of the multi-room audio system, but competition has also grown up in these years, competitors like Apple, Amazon, and Google have been catching up swiftly in recent years. These competitors offer a range of speakers supporting multi-home audio system, and a number of speaker manufacturers are supporting the AirPlay 2.

So, these are all the steps for, How to setup AirPlay on Sonos speakers. The steps involved are easy, but if you still have any queries feel free to ask in the comments section below.


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