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How to sign up for Comcast email: Step-by-Step

Xfinity Comcast devices like, Modem, Router, Cable Box are one of the productive devices. The Comcast modems & routers provide the excellent internet services whereas, the Comcast cable box provides the best of TV services for streaming. Comcast email is a service included with the Comcast modem and the Internet plan. Comcast email is a productive service, and helpful for the customer as they are able to check and read emails which may or may not related to the Comcast internet plan. So, here we will be discussing the steps involved to sign up for Comcast email services. You can sign up easily either by using email or mobile phone number. So, here’s


How to sign up for Comcast email


STEP 1 –

First of all, you need to visit the Xfinity official website to start the procedure of sign up for Comcast email. Locate and click on Create Username or you can see the Create One option which you can find along with Don’t Have A Username option, at the lower section of the sign in box.

comcast email

If you are not able to find it, simply visit the link below.



STEP 2 –

This will direct you to the Create Your Username box, where you need to confirm one of the following details associated with your account. You can choose either Mobile Phone Number or Social Security Number. You can choose, Mobile Phone Number


STEP 3 –

After this, you need to do a quick security check for the verification, here you just need to enter the text shown in the box and click on Continue when done.


STEP 4 –

Next, you have to fill up your mobile phone number with which your account will be created. Click on Continue when entered.


STEP 5 –

You will receive a six-digit verification code on your registered mobile number. You need to enter that verification code in that box and hit Continue.


STEP 6 –

Finally, after the verifications, now you have to create a unique username for the account and a strong password. We recommend making your password a combination of alphabet, numbers and special characters for a more secure account.

If you’ve done the steps, you’re done with the procedure of how to sign up for Comcast email.

Click on Email, which you can find easily on the top of the initial web page. Simply Sign In to your email account by entering the username and password that you’ve created using above steps.

comcast email


After signing in, locate the My Account option at the top of that page. Search and choose the option for Create A New Email Account, from there create an additional email account and assign a new username and password to it. You can add up to six free accounts in this.

change comcast email password

So, this is all about the steps involved in the procedure of sign up for Comcast email.


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