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How to use gestures in Android Pie | All Android Pie Gestures

How to use gestures in Android Pie 

Google’s own operating system Android is the most popular in the world, not only because of the number of apps it provides for free on the Play Store but also it offers a lot of features and constantly being upgraded to sport new ones. Recently the latest version of Android which is named Android Pie rolled out in a limited number of devices, even the Android Oreo is not supported by all the Android devices in the market yet. Talking about the Android Pie, it comes with a lot of features powered by Google’s machine learning and artificial intelligence, and the main attraction is the all-new gestures in Android Pie. The gestures in Android Pie are really useful for a smoother experience. Here, we have covered all Android Pie gestures and we will discuss how to use gestures in Android Pie.

Android Pie

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New gestures in Android Pie is here to make the multitasking smoother and easier, as the navigation buttons have transformed. Now instead of three navigation button, that is, recent apps button, home keys, and back key, you get only two keys, that is home key and back key. Here, the home button performs more than one tasks and supports gestures. Swiping from home button you will get an all-new App Switcher, where you can manage the recent apps and a lot more.

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How to use gestures in Android Pie –



The new Android Pie is all about gestures, and for accessing the recent apps that you are using on your device, you can simply use a gesture. You just need to do a quick swipe up from the home screen in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. After a quick swipe up, the cards will be shown of the recently used apps on the device. From where you can manage the recent app or switch to another app during a multitasking session.

how to use gestures in Android Pie

In the recent app tray, you can scroll among the apps and if you want to select an app, simply tap on it, or swipe down on it. To close the app in the recent app tray, simply do a swipe up on the app tray.

In the recent apps tray in the Android Pie, you can find the Google search bar and also five apps that Google recommends according to your daily usage.

Scroll between the recent apps tray like a pro –

You can take the gesture to a step further to scroll and open apps in the recent apps more smartly. Just do a horizontal swipe to right on the navigation bar and then hold the finger there for a second. A transparent bar will appear across the bottom, and once you see this, you can slide your finger across it to cycle left and right through all of your recent apps. After finding the app you want, take your finger off the screen and it will open up.



After this comes the gesture that you will be using more to open the app drawer in your device, from where you can open and access any app which is available on your smartphone. So, to open the app drawer in the Android Pie, you need to swipe up from the home button in the navigation bar, but there is a change.

how to use gestures in Android Pie

As told earlier, that the quick swipe up gesture opens the recent app tray. So, here, you need to do one more swipe up, this means, two quick swipe up from the home button in the navigation bar opens your favorite app drawer, and you can open any app that is installed on your smartphone.

It’s ok, that two it needs two swipe ups to open the app drawer, but like us, you might be thinking, can’t it be done in the previous way, which is a single swipe up open the app drawer. The answer is, it depends on how you do it, yes a single swipe up can do the work, and there are two ways to do it.

The first way to open the app drawer with a single swipe up is by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen, or we can say a long swipe, with this app drawer, will appear. This looks a little weird at first but will be useful after you will get used to it. And after all, it’s your choice.

Wait, there is a second way to do the same task. In this instead of taking your finger off the screen instantly when doing a quick swipe, drag it up so that you’ve brought the half of the app drawer up of the way. Release the finger and the app drawer will pop out on its own. And you can select the app from the downloaded app on your mobile device.

Surely it will a little hard in the beginning, but after you get used to it, you will it really find it flowing easy.



To switch between apps in Android Pie, you need to open the recent apps tray firstly, and you already know the gesture for opening the recent apps tray. And after opening the recent apps tray, you can simply scroll among the apps to choose the app you need. But this way takes more time if you are switching between two apps again and again. Here is another gesture for switching between two apps quickly without opening the recent apps tray.

When you’re already using an app, all you need to do a quick horizontal right swipe on the navigation bar. After doing this, you will be switched to the app that you will be using previously, and if you want to switch back to the first app, simply do that right swipe again on the navigation key. This gesture is really helpful if you are switching between only two apps again and again without opening the recent app tray again and again.

So, these are all Android Pie gestures, and how to use gestures in Android Pie. Try them all for a great experience, and let us know if you know any other Android Pie gestures other than these that you liked the most.

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