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How to use Google Forms: Step-by-Step

How to use Google Forms –

Google is world’s leader in providing best services, whether it is the Google Pixel smartphone, Google Smart Home devices or a variety of apps like Youtube, Google Document, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Keep and a lot more, the list is long enough. And one these apps that we are going to talk about is the Google Forms, which is a subpart of Google Documents, with which, as the name says, any user can create a form where other users can fill up the details which are asked and the creator can check out the responses easily. Google Forms is easy to use and it’s a very productive service, you should try it once. Here, we have discussed how to use Google Forms in some easy steps.

How to use Google Forms: Steps –


STEP 0 –

The very first step to use Google Forms is to sign in with the Google ID. If you have already sign-in with the Google account, you need not enter that again. So, simply visit the link below to continue.


STEP 1 –

After entering the correct details you will be directed to the new page after signing in. Here, to start using Google Forms, tap on the Plus icon in the top row or you can select the ready-made formats shown in the same row.

STEP 2 –

Here, first of all, tap on the Untitled form and select a title for your form. You can give the name of your organisation, or subject of the form, like Party Invite, Internship Program, Registration for Team, etc. Also, you can provide a description for the form, or any important announcement can be written in the area too.

How to use Google Forms

STEP 3 –

After this, now comes the main part of the form, where you can ask questions. To do simply tap on the Untitled Question and enter the question that you want to ask.

STEP 4 –

Here, you get the option to change the way to answer the asked question. To do this, tap on the drop-down menu near the Multiple Choice option. You can choose from Short answer, Paragraph, Checkboxes, Multiple choice and others. If you asking for the name of the candidate, you can choose Short Answer, if you want to ask the choices, you can select Multiple Choice.

In additional you can choose an image to feature near the question asked, or the choices given. To do simply drag cursor near the question and tap on the image icon and simply upload an image from your PC or Google Drive.

How to use Google Forms


STEP 5 –

To ask another questions, simply tap on the Plus icon at right side of the page. Here also, you can choose the type of question and also image can be added.

How to use Google Forms


STEP 6 –

You can also add another section in the Google forms. This feature is useful when you need two different parts of the form, like one can be for asking the personal details and other section for any other questions. To do this, you need to tap on the section icon, you can check out in the screenshot below.

How to use Google Forms


Here also you can add the description for the section and further questions.

You can delete any question that you have already added in any section, if you decided to remove it, to do this simply tap in the trash icon, at the bottom of the question card.

How to use Google Forms


STEP 7 –

You can mark any question as Required. Doing this, any candidate who is filling the form can proceed or submit the form without answering to that particular Required question. Use this feature, to the questions like Name, Email address or any important question.

How to use Google Forms


STEP 8 –

After adding the required sections and questions to the Google Form, now it’s time to change the theme of your form. You can choose the color of the template according to your need, not only this, a cover photo can be added too. If your Google Form is about the Party Invitation, you can add photos related to that.

How to use Google Forms


STEP 9 –

After adding a required theme to your Google Forms, the next step is to preview your Google Form. To do this, tap on the eye icon at the top right side of the page.

How to use Google Forms


STEP 10 –

If you are satisfied with your Google Form, the last step is to generate link using which candidate can fill in details and fill in the details. To do this, select on the Send option at the top right side of the row, where you can directly send the Google Form link to the email IDs or simply copy the link to share with the candidates.

How to use Google Forms

You can check the response of the individual in the Google Form by selecting the Response tab.


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