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How to use Outlook on Android device

You can use Outlook on Android device in two ways, the first method, we are about to discuss, and second is using Gmail app. And if you are one of those people who deal with a large heap of emails every day, you might have been using an email app, and also there are millions of app available in the Google Playstore, which performs the same task of reading and managing emails. Like any other users, you might be using Microsoft’s Outlook or Hotmail instead of using the Google Gmail services. If you are not interested in using Google services, then you can go for Outlook, the official app by Microsoft on Google Playstore. The one advantage of using the Outlook app is that you can also receive the mails from other clients also, like Google and rediffmail or any other clients. So, here we will discuss the steps involved in how to use Outlook on Android devices, but before this, you must know why Outlook is a good option for your mails management.


Features of Outlook:

Outlook, as we mentioned earlier available on Google Playstore for download, you can do it for free. The app has a different user interface as compared to the desktop version. And the mobile version is easy to use, and mails can be managed easily. Here are some additional features which make Outlook worth of using.

Feature 1:

The feature that makes Outlook more productive is that it supports Multiple accounts of different Email clients. This clearly shows Outlook isn’t just limited to only Outlook or Hotmail accounts; it works well with Google, Yahoo, and iCloud email accounts.

Feature 2:

Then we have a feature called focused inbox, with which Outlook manages to filter the most important mails and conversation of yours and out them into a Focused inbox for smooth, easy access. The smart Outlook management learns by your activity to a particular contact and mark them as important, and send the remaining mails to another inbox.

Feature 3:

Outlook also sports one of the important features; it is the comprehensive cloud integration of the account. Microsoft’s Outlook automatically integrates with OneDrive cloud storage of the user’s account, with which you can access the Outlook emails at any time and on any device. Not only this, the user can add Dropbox and Box accounts also. Outlook is perfect for those users who need to work on different devices.

Feature 4:

And at last, the feature you may like the most is the schedule messages. Yes, you can easily set an email to be sent on a specific schedule. So, if you have to send a mail when it’s your sleeping time, or it’s an important mail that you can’t take risk, then you can use the schedule message feature in addition you can reschedule the message with a single swipe and set a time and date, at which you want the mail to be sent. You will get the notifications when this feature will be used by the Outlook app.

So, here are the top features of Outlook app. We are sure you liked them, we recommend to download the app and try it. Below, we are about to discuss, how to get started with the Outlook app.


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How to use Outlook on Android device:


STEP 1 –

First of all download the Outlook app for Android by Microsoft Corporation. The app is available on Google Playstore and can be downloaded for free.


STEP 2 –

After the downloading and installation has been done, open the Outlook app. On launching the app, tap on getting Started, and the very first screen will be the Add Account screen. Here, you need to enter your email address and password to set up. Choose Outlook if you need to add your Microsoft account.

how to use outlook on android

how to use outlook on android

STEP 3 –

After entering the email details and password, you need to follow the instructions that you will see on the screen. To add the email address and password, the Outlook app will do a two-factor authentication, with which you will receive a verification email, and you need to enter the code to verify the account.

how to use outlook on android


STEP 4 –

As soon as the verification has been done, you can start using your Outlook app and receive or draft mails easily.


To turn ON the Focused Inbox feature, you need to tap on the cog icon at the top right corner to access the Settings. And from there turn on Focused Inbox by tapping on the option.

To turn ON the Filter feature, you will find an option right there in the Settings. After turning on this setting, you can only see the flagged mails, unread mails, or you can customize that on your own.

You can also, access the calendar, contacts, reminders, files, images saved on your Cloud storage right from there.

So, these are the steps involved in the procedure of how to use Outlook on Android device. If you still having any problem, you may ask us in the comments sections.


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