How to use Outlook on Gmail app

use outlook on gmail

Gmail is one of the popular email managing apps with a lot of users, the reason is that it is default email app available for Android devices. It may now have all features of Microsoft Outlook, but still, it is good. One of the features of the Gmail app is that it supports not only the Gmail account but also account from different mail clients. Here, we will discuss, how to use Outlook on Gmail.

Though Gmail has a lot of features, it doesn’t offer push email of an account other than the Gmail account and it’s a default setting in Gmail. Other top features of Gmail account that you may like.


Features of Gmail:


Feature 1:

Firstly, the Gmail app provides a unified inbox for all the emails. You can select the All Inboxes option from the sidebar on the app and you will be able to see all your mails and chat from all your accounts in one unified inbox. It is useful when you have different accounts and need to switch in between.

Feature 2:

Another is Gmailify feature, you can set it up easily, to get the option to log in the “Gmailify” account. With which you can change the default setting of Gmail app, that is, only Gmail account getting the push notifications. With this feature, you can get the push notifications for the Outlook or any other account on Gmail.

Feature 3:

If you are pissed off with the spam mails and messages, Gmail is for you, the spam messages, mails can be controlled and filtered easily. The Gmailified account gives you access to the advanced filtering of Gmail app, with which you will only get the important messages and mails, with spam and junk free inbox.


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How to use Outlook in Gmail App



Firstly, the Gmail app on your Android device. On the home screen, swipe right to get a options tray.


how to use outlook on gmail


In the options tray, tap on the down arrow which you will find next to your account name and select Add Account option.

how to use outlook on gmail



On tapping the Add Account option will show you the all available options of clients which are available to set up on Gmail. From the given options, simply select Outlook to proceed.

how to use outlook on gmail



Next, enter all the asked details, enter the email address and password for your Outlook account and also the two-factor authentication code.

how to use outlook on gmail



You are almost done, at last, you need to give the Gmail app permission to access your Outlook account.

If you are done with the all above steps you are all ready to use Outlook on Gmail app. Now, you will get emails from your Outlook account in the push notifications too, as you get the emails from Gmail account.

So, these are the steps involved in the procedure of how to use Outlook on Gmail app. If you still having any problem, you may ask us in the comments sections.

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