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Huawei may launch 5G phone in June 2019

Huawei 5G phone in June 2019

Huawei, the Chinese tech manufacturer is the third biggest smartphone company and known for its P-series of flagship smartphones, and also the first company to launch the tri rear camera setup in its Huawei P20 Pro, globally. Not only this, Huawei is one of the companies actively working on the 5G technology on commercial phones and other devices and at the currently going event, MWC ( Mobile World Congress) Shanghai 2018, Eric Xu, CEO, Huawei confirmed that the company is ready to launch its first commercial 5G solutions and smartphone chips by March next year. And with this being said, we can predict that Huawei may launch 5G phone in June 2019.

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This is no the first time, the company is working in the field of 5G solutions. We have witnessed the trail run by Huwaei in the CES 2017 event also, where, a robot controlled pen draws the same thing as the user did on the tablet, which was connected with the robot with the 5G bandwidth. For now, the Chinese tech maker needs to fix the problems related to network connectivity and low latency by the end of 2018. Once these hurdles are resolved, the development process can catch the pace significantly.

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Talking about the upcoming 5G smartphone by the company, it can be Huwaei Mate 30 or the next installment of the P-series. Xu didn’t talk about the smartphone which will get the 5G connection support, but according to us, only one of them will be launching with the 5G and it could be mid-ranged phone also or the Huawei P30 series with the top-notch Kirin 1020 returning the 5G connectivity and may revel in 2019. Xu also mentioned the development of the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology with the new  5G technology, but didn’t talk about the company’s plan in this field.

Not only Huawei, Pete Lau, CEO, OnePlus has also confirmed that the company is all set to debut its first 5G phone by June 2019. Hence, there is a race, which company launches the first device supporting the 5G connectivity.


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