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Huawei to roll out Cloud Windows 10 For Android devices in China

Huawei to roll out Cloud Windows 10 for Android Devices in China

In yet another breaking news, Huawei is set to roll out a cloud service that will allow their Android users to run Windows 10 on their phone. The service is just a stream based utility, much like Nvidia’s GeForce Now, and allows users to run a copy of Windows 10 on a virtual machine on a server directly from their phone.

The service is called Huawei Cloud PC and allows Android users to run Windows 10 on their phone while keeping Android as their native OS. It requires the Cloud PC app to operate and gives a full Windows 10 experience to the user.


The utility of such a cloud streamed OS service is immeasurable. For example, one can record a video on their phone and run Adobe Premiere on the Cloud PC app’s Windows 10 desktop and edit it there. Many applications that are not currently accessible to the android users become ready to be used with such a facility. The possibilities are infinite.

The only real issue with the service is that it requires a fast and stable internet connection as the streaming is as good as the network. Also, a small delay in instruction and execution is expected as the OS runs from a remote site and input will take some time to reach the destination.

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The major downside is that it is available only in China, and will roll out only for Huawei P20, P20 Pro, Mate 10, Mate RS and MediaPad M5 tablet. The company has commented on neither the expansion of the Cloud PC service, nor what it will be priced at, so keep your fingers crossed if you want it in your region.

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