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Picture of Huawei Honor Note 10 leaks, reveals a screen larger than 7-inch

Huawei’s long teased Honor Note 10 may finally be ready to launch. A picture comparing a huge Huawei device with a Nintendo Switch were leaked. The Huawei Honor Note 10 somewhat fits into the description.

Why the Phablet?

Huawei has recently released a huge slew of devices. With the Nova 3 and Nova 3i, Huawei will solidify its reach in the complete spectrum of the mid-tier sector. Huawei is already doing well in the flagship department with the P20 pro. It’s only fair that it also wants to crush the phablet market.

The Picture that started it All

huawei honor note 10 leaks honor note 10 features

As we can see in the leaked pictures, a large Huawei phablet/tablet, supposedly the Huawei Honor Note 10, has been compared to a Nintendo Switch. We can clearly see how the Honor Note 10 easily dwarfs the already huge 6.2 inch on the Switch. When released, the Huawei Note 10 may very well be the largest screen on a smartphone. We assume it will fall into the phablet category rather than a tablet, given the size of phones these days.

More Huawei Honor Note 10 leaks

A few more Huawei Honor Note 10 leaks have made their way. Apparently, the device will ship with Kirin 970 SoC, coupled with at least 6GB of RAM. This makes it stand neck-to-neck with most modern day flagships. The storage SKUs are reportedly 128GB and 256 GB. The Honor Note 10 leaks also suggest an 8GB RAM option. The screen will have a resolution of 1440p.

There is a dual camera setup on the rear. Some Huawei Note 10 leaks confirm a 24MP + 16MP combo. There are the basic connectivity options like dual band AC wifi, and also a USB-type C port. A few rumours also confirm the presence of a mammoth 6000 mAh battery.

huawei honor note 10 leaks honor note 10 features

Our Take

Speaking about the leaked image, the device looks impressive. The really thin bezels indicate the effort Huawei put into this device. There is no notch, and the sheer display size is amazing. We can clearly see how close the body size is actually to the Switch. A phablet like that with flagship level hardware will be capable of disrupting the market. Although, these are still rumors and leaks and we cannot ascertain their validity. But they give an abstract image of what to expect. Tune in for more Honor Note 10 leaks.


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