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Huawei new smartphone has camera drilled on its display

With a lot of phones working towards a higher body to screen ratio and adopting innovative ways to deliver the best phone user experience to the customers. Recently, we have seen Vivo has come up with a unique idea in the Vivo Nex smartphone with a popup camera and now Huawei is looking to follow similar steps but in a distinctive way. In the Vivo Nex mobile, we get an amazing screen to body ratio of 91.24 % and giving us completely bezel-less experience in terms of display.

Vivo Nex utilizes a small stepper motor, which allows its camera to pop out of the phone when needed. But the durability and reliability of this phone are under scanner as a pop camera can be really fragile for daily use according to phone experts. But Vivo claims that their camera has been tested properly and is not fragile as the industry experts think. (Huawei new smartphone).

Huawei new smartphone

Talking about Huawei, they have come up with a very peculiar idea, according to Korean media reports they are planning a smartphone with a camera drilled on the display screen. This strange idea from Huawei follows to make a hole directly onto the screen to place the camera. With this in place, the user will get an extra display for its use. In the picture shown above one can see, the hole has been drilled in the centre of the top area of the display but still, the phone has a certain width for placing the various other required sensors on the phone.

It seems like the smartphone manufacturers want to engineer a perfect way to give more display screen to users and experimenting with new ways. But this type of design can bring new problems but will be interesting to see how the Huawei engineers will make the application work for delivering some extra screen space. Reports suggest that the device will have the display size of 6.38 inch and will be launched in the Q4 of the year. (Huawei new smartphone).


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