Huawei patents a smartphone with foldable screen

According to a patent published on Thursday by the World Intellectual Property Organization, Huawei is working on a smartphone with the foldable screen that would be able to withstand multiple bending movements without any defects such as cracks.

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Last year in October, the CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu, commented that the manufacturer was working on a foldable smartphone, but this would have two screens, with a gap in between. According to him, the prototype was still in its early stages of creation. However, with the disclosure of this patent, we can imagine that Huawei has no plans to launch only a foldable phone, but a  smartphone with a foldable screen as well.


The document published yesterday explains that such a handset would be the size of a tablet, but would still be considered a smartphone in some way. In the previous design presented, there is not any kind of space in the edges for sensors or front camera, which is strange.

Still, it is expected that, as these designs are only generic representations of such a device, the company has not bothered with that kind of detail. Anyway, it’s interesting to see that Huawei is also entering this race for the first foldable handset. Samsung and LG have been registering patents for this type of device for a long time, both in the World Intellectual Property Organization and in the IP departments of their own countries. Anyway, we do not expect to see a commercial device from any of these three brands in 2018. Who knows next year.


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