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Why Hulk refuses to come out in Avengers Infinity War?

Spoiler Ahead Avengers Infinity War!!

The fever of Avengers Infinity War will not be going down soon enough as the film is packed with so many details and there are tons of questions that bug you. Like, where the hell is Hawkeye and Antman, who is captain marvel, but the one that stood out for me is, why the freaking green beast aka Hulk doesn’t come out throughout the entire movie. We only get the glimpse of him taking the beating from Thanos at the very beginning and then woosh he is gone. Bruce is stuck without him in the grave situations where the whole world is about to crumble by the hands of Mad Titan. So what’s the reason behind it? We have come up with few possibilities that can make Hulk go hiding inside Bruce Banner? Let’s dive in and look out for the possible reasons.

First being that the big green baddie has become too stubborn and didn’t want to listen to Bruce Banner. This theory can be validated as in Thor Ragnarok he entirely takes over and doesn’t allow Bruce Banner to come out for more than two years. Similarly, this could be the same scenario where Hulk wants to piss Bruce off and wants to stay put no matter what happens. The second reason could be that he is afraid of Thanos, and this seems more plausible as in his whole existence Hulk hasn’t got such kind of beating. Yes, we remember his fight with Hulkbuster, but during that fight, he was able to stand and give the machine a tough time. However, in the battle against Thanos, he was put to rest in just 30 sec and which we assume embarrassed him. Out of this embarrassment, he is afraid to come out and face Thanos again.


If we explore the character of Hulk throughout the Marvel universe, his appearance has been balanced out till now. In Avengers we got more of Bruce Banner whereas in Thor Ragnarok the Hulk dominated for the most part. Now going by the same pattern Banner as the character had a good presence in Avengers Infinity War and so we are hoping that in Avengers 4 Hulk will finally come back to give Thanos a tough fight. Alongside this, we sincerely want more of Hulk as we know that we might not be getting solo Hulk movie and it might be our last chance to see him in action. As going by the current situation and dark tone of Infinity War anyone of the superhero can take a hit and never come back and that might be Hulk in Avengers 4.

The character of Hulk became a fan favorite in Avengers, and Mark Ruffalo with his charm has brought another level energy to Bruce Banner. The best thing that could happen in Avengers 4 is to get a balance between the two. There is also a slight possibility of getting a different version of Hulk as Banner tries his best to coax him out. No matter which hulk comes as his presence will put the smile on our faces as well as Thanos.

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