Avengers 4 Theory Suggests Hulk Is A Skrull Since Thor: Ragnarok

Various incidents and the cliffhanger climax in Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War has sparked numerous amount of theories amongst the fans. The Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are bit shaken up about few things in the movie and topmost out of them is the behaviour of Hulk. After missing out in Captain America Civil War, the character was brought back in Thor: Ragnarok, the movie which gave the character much-needed depth. Thor: Ragnarok turned out to be the crucial movie in development of both Thor and Hulk.

Avengers 4 Theory: Hulk Is A Skrull Since Thor: Ragnarok

The character arc of Thor carries forward in the Avengers Infinity War that’s the reason why he emerges out to be the strongest Avenger who goes toe to toe with Thanos. However, on the other side Hulk falls short of the brilliance as he is beaten mercilessly by Thanos. So, as per new Avengers 4 theory the reason behind the Hulk getting defeated is that, in reality Hulk is a Skrull.

Avengers 4 Theory Hulk is a Skrull Thor: Ragnarok

We know that this Avengers 4 theory seems little out of proportion but the Reddit user has mentioned various details that provide gravitas to it. Before telling you about the theory, a few details on Skrulls and who are they. The Skrulls is a race of alien species that can shape-shift and adopt the persona of any species. They are even capable of replicating the powers possessed by that being but to some extent. As per earlier details they are supposed to be introduced in the Avengers 4 and will play a significant role in Phase 4.

Now coming back to Avengers 4 theory, there are signs of Hulk is a Skrull since Thor: Ragnarok itself. If you notice that throughout Thor: Ragnarok Hulk never wins a fight against any of his competitor and even Thor easily defeats him without Mjolnir. So, as per the fan after escaping Earth at the ending Age of Ultron, Hulk ends being captured by Skrulls on the planet of Sakaar and one of the strongest Skrull learns about his persona and takes his place. That’s why he only gives a little fight to Thor but not being original Hulk; he is trounced. Then during the climax, it takes much of effort to defeat Fenrir the wolf, but then Hulk gets his ass kicked by Surtur.

Avengers 4 Theory Hulk is a Skrull Thor: Ragnarok

Following all this, at the very beginning of Avengers Infinity War he is again beaten up by Thanos without much effort from the Mad Titan. So, in the total of 4 fights, he has lost 3 and which doesn’t seem to be like Hulk. Then in the second part of theory user points out that the primary purpose of Skrull in Avengers Infinity War is to gather information on the humans. He learns about the Sanctum Sanctorum, chats with Tony Stark, watches Spider-Man do his thing, gets access to Hulkbuster and gains knowledge about Wakandan tech. All this adds up to decent information needed to plan an invasion on Earth.

However, like all other theories, there are few plot holes in this one also. As we have already got the Hulk’s first look in Avengers 4 in full body armor and his arc being developed to give us Professor Hulk. Then this theory seems little unfit as it only weakens the depth provided to the character during Thor: Ragnarok. Still, we have to wait for a year to put all these theories to rest as with the release of Avengers 4 the fans will get the answer to their burning questions.

What are your views on the Avengers 4 Theory? Do you think Hulk is a Skrull? Do let us know in the comments below.

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