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Autumn Leaf Review – Heart Touching Tale Dealing With Cast Discrimination

Autumn Leaf is a 19 minute long, short film under the banner of humaramovie. This heart touching tale deals with the sensitive topic of discrimination on the basis of caste. It has been written and directed by Kishitij Kumar Pandey. (Autumn Leaf Review)

The story revolves around Gunjan who is all set to do his dissertation on the works of Ik Mann, the revolutionary poet. He visits a library where he meets an old man and calls him ‘Daadu’. Daadu helps him in his dissertation and gathering more and more information about Ik Mann. The days started to pass by bonding over information gathering, tea, chess and talks. Also, there was a little girl who used to live with Daadu, who he had rescued after a bad experience in life. When Gunjan was just an inch away from getting to discover why Ik Mann had suddenly stopped writing, some people murdered Daadu. Daadu left behind a letter, where he professed his love for him and told him that he was Ik Mann or ‘Iqbal Manjhi’.

The story had been set in the early years of Independence. The way this story has been written is a phenomenon. Majorly, the acting has fully done justice to the script. Kshitij Kumar Pandey has done wonderful work in this short film. (Autumn Leaf Review)

We would definitely recommend all our readers to go and spare 19 minutes from your hectic schedule and watch this wonderful short film. The intriguing storyline, mystery and the strong social message make this short film a must watch.

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