Hunter X Hunter Chapter 381 Manga Spoilers, Release Date

Hunter X Hunter is a Japanese manga, which has been penned down by Yoshihiro Togashi. The manga follows the story of a boy named as Gon Freecss, who pursue his father footsteps to become a Hunter, a profession who quests to locate rare and unidentified animal species, treasure hunting, surveying unexplored areas or hunting people who do not follow the law

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 381 Manga Spoilers

Well, it has been six months since the last Hunter X Hunter chapter was published. However, the author of the series has decided to continue with the series and the new chapter of the manga is going to release soon

Following the spoilers of the next chapter, Miziastorm and Fuugetsu will have the conversation. Miziastorm will talk about the Succession War and also might get to learn about the Nen ability.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 381 Manga

So far, Machi has not confronted any of the Mafia members which may happen in the upcoming chapter.

Being at banquet time, an uninvited character is expected to make the move. Also, Kurapika had a surprising calling from Leorio

He might become the reason for the war and may get kidnapped by PT.

We also might see the assassination of the Sale-Sale, which may commence the war. Also, it would be interesting to know, if Togashi cheat about Haitus or he comes clear.

In the upcoming chapter of Hunter X Hunter, we will see an interesting order of events happening coupled with lots of action

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 381 Manga Release Date

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 381 is expected to release on 21st September 2018.

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