Iktarfa, a short film starring Kinshuk Sen and Pavitra Mattoo in the leading roles. The movie is written and directed by Palash Sen under the banner of Large Short Films. Palash Sen and his band Euphoria are known for giving some iconic songs during the 90s which still are fresh in our memories. The unique element of the songs was not only the meaningful lyrics but also the video which brought those heart touching words to life. Now the man behind those beautiful music videos and songs is back with a short film that revolves around ‘ love’. Is he able to leave the mark and touch strings of our heart with Iktarfa? Let’s find out. (Iktarfa Review)

Story of Iktarfa

The plot of the film revolves around Hari Mohan Tripathi aka HMT a young and soft-spoken man living in Uttar Pradesh. He is passionate about books of love, philosophy, poetry and that is because of his father being an owner of the bookstore. So, he grew around the books and spent most of the time reading them. Then we meet the second character of the story Samidha aka Sam a simple and cute girl with whom Hari has fallen in love at the first site. So, he tells about Sam to his mother, who decides to take this love ahead by asking the parents of the girl for marriage. Till this moment we don’t know anything about the girl, and the story takes a turn when Sam urges Hari to help her in uniting with her love MSD by saying yes for the marriage. So that MSD can convince his parents for the wedding. (Iktarfa Review)

This very moment truly showcases the innocence and purity of Hari’s character who accepts that Sam is not in love with her and rather than forcing himself on her he should at least help her to unite with MSD. Many of us may not connect with the feelings of Hari and think of him as a fool who is being used by a girl.

Now the story continues with Hari helping each day Sam in her meetings with MSD and in those meetings you see a small spark igniting inside Sam. Then the day of marriage arrives, and Sam asks Hari to help her elope the marriage. During these moments Sam starts thinking on the selflessness of Hari and how he tries to fulfil dreams of others by sometimes burying his own. The short film leaves on edge near the end, and we will have to wait for the sequel to see the conclusion. (Iktarfa Review)

Iktarfa Review

Iktarfa – Is It Worth Your Time?

Iktarfa is a light-hearted short movie that reminds you of 90s music videos by Euphoria that painted a simple love story on your screen. The direction and music of the film are amazing that make it an exciting watch, Palash Sen has done commendable work. Both the actors are superb, but the performance of Kinshuk Sen stands apart paired with a fantastic narrative done by him. Another unique factor of the movie is the use of pure Hindi language that adds a little bit of humour to it. (Iktarfa Review)

Apart from all these positives, there are few negatives in it as well. Sometimes the humour falls flat which makes the scene little awkward. In addition to this, I didn’t enjoy the characters of both the parents and found their performance a little overcooked.

Iktarfa Review

Final Verdict Iktarafa –

Iktarfa makes an enjoyable watch that asks you through the medium of Hari to keep life simple, and it’s not always about winning. The movie inevitably touches your heart, so do check it out.