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Netflix Adapting Stephen King’s ‘In The Tall Grass’ with James Marsden

Lately, Stephen King has been in a huge demand owing to the humongous success of IT. Now various studios are trying to get their hands on the King’s novels. However, the one that is, again and again, going back to Stephen King well is none other than streaming giant, Netflix. As per the reports by Deadline, Netflix has landed a package to adopt one of the King novellas, In the Tall Grass. The novella was released in 2012 and is penned by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill.

The story of In the Tall Grass revolves around a Cal and Becky who are inseparable siblings. Becky during her sophomore year finds out that she is pregnant and then her parents suggest her to live with her aunt and uncle till the baby is born. Cal decides to accompany her on the cross-country trip. While cruising on the roads for three days, they stop outside a tall grass where they are lured in by the crying of a young boy. As soon as they enter the grass their worst nightmares come true with no sight of exit.


The plot of the novella is inevitably exciting and will make for a fantastic watch. In Netflix’s adaption of the series, James Marsden will play the role of Cal, and filmmaker Vincenzo Natali will be at the helm of the project. In past year or two, James Marsden has become a familiar face on TV because of hit HBO series Westworld. Natali has been involved in the same project and is also known for his spectacular direction for Hannibal. With In, The Tall Grass Natali will be coming back to the genre where he can satisfy his hunger for horror.

Netflix is also no stranger to the King as they have earlier adopted his work namely, Gerald’s Game and 1922. The audiences well received both of them, and it is incredible that now another of his creation is coming to life. The production dates for this one is not yet definite but it can begin soon. So, keep reading for the regular updates.


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