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How to increase smartphone battery backup : Best Tips

Battery technology in smartphone has developed a lot, but there is always a problem of battery backup in Android smartphones which is more than Apple iOS devices. And yes this is mainly because of the OS, i.e, Android. To run games and application in Android, more powerful hardware needs to be used, which makes higher battery consumptions. And other than that there are many other things which consumes more battery, like Display, Hardware Radios, and even the apps. And therefore, Android users always face problem and needs a solution to increase smartphone battery backup. For a good battery backup you need to manage all of them smartly, a little on your own. So, here’s

How to increase smartphone battery backup

  • Lower Down Display Power Consumption

The biggest component in the smartphone which consumes a large amount of the battery is the device’s display. The display of the smartphone is the thing which needs to be remain turn ON most of the time, and nothing more can be done, but still the battery consumption can be lower Down by lowering down the display brightness and turning Off the Auto-Brightness option. More things can be done to lower down the consumption, like disable the Live Wallpapers and use dark colour wallpapers. For AMOLED(as in Galaxy S series), OLED (as in iPhone X) ( READ NOW : What is OLED? ) ,and POLED display smartphone, you can use AMOLED WALLPAPER , an application can be used for this. This is the best way to increase smartphone battery backup. Visit the link now.

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  • Turn OFF Unnecessary Hardware Radios

LTE, NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are the Hardware Radios that every smartphone has. These radios wastes a lot of battery when remain idol. So, you need to turn them Off when you not in use. Check GPS after the using apps like Google Maps. Turn OFF auto updates in Google Playstore, this should be done, because if you are not on Wi-Fi, and if app update arrived and app start updating the app on mobile data then it will surely take time if connectivity is low and eventually will drain more battery.

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  • Never User Battery Saver Apps

You probably have been using a battery saver or app cleaner third party Android application. A ton of these kinds of apps are available on Google Playstore. But all of these are nothing but just junk. These kinds of application says that these saves battery by optimising the current provided to your smartphone during charging the device. But this is absolutely wrong, and of no use. You need not to add these kind of application if you are using a smartphone of reliable brand, their charging kit are capable of optimising current as the device needs. There kind of third party apps only acquire a junk space on your device.

  • Don’t Clear Recent App Repeatedly

Multitasking is probably one of the important feature of the smartphone devices, recent apps tray allows you to switch between apps and all these work is organised by the smartphone’s RAM (Random Access Memory). All the apps/ softwares you use get load in the RAM, in simple words, every time when an app is opened again your smartphone’s RAM has to work, and to works it need power, of course, eventually it will consume more power if it id forced to work again and again. So, whenever you clean recent apps, RAM deletes that application from its memory, and next time if you need that app, RAM has to do work, or need to write the app again in the memory, which consumes more battery. So, don’t clear recent apps again and again.
And sometimes smartphone users install third party cleaner apps for the same purpose. UI of these kind of apps creates a impression that your device has been cleared, but in real it clear the background apps again and again, and as explained earlier RAM works again & again, and consumes more battery. It is highly recommended that you must delete these kind of applications now.

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  • Update all Apps

Check the App store or Playstore on a regular base. New updates always arrive after optimisation, for a better CPU performance and low battery usage. Specially the apps that you use on the daily basis. There is no need to turn ON the auto updates of the apps, you should do it manually, only update the required apps for improved performance and new features. If you are using any Google app daily, like Google Chrome, Maps, Youtube, or any other and if the update if available, then update it as soon as possible, it will be giving not only the new features, but also improved performance, means low battery consumption.

  • Use Power Saving Mode

Battery backup can be increased by turning on the power saving mode of your smartphone. Power saving mode is available in almost every smartphone nowadays, like Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola and other major brands. By using the power saving mode user can force the smartphone to use limited features for less battery consumption, like performance of the device get limited, you will face a little frame drip in playing games, as CPU usage gets limited, data usage gets limited, and you get a extended battery backup.

  • Manage Apps

Other than screen the other reason for battery consumption is the apps in your device. Managing apps can make the difference between a normal power consumption and a abnormal one. First of all you must delete the application that you haven’t used since a month or more. These apps may run in background and eat the power supplies, so manage such kind of apps, Delete them or other option is to Disable or Force Stop them, for this long press the application and then go to application info, tap on Disable or Force Stop, this will hibernate the app for a time period.

  • Check Battery Status

You might not have idea of the status of the battery, sometimes you can get the idea just by observing the rate of discharge pattern, if the battery percentage run down fast even following the above mentioned tips then probably your device needs a battery replacement. And you can download third party app if you device doesn’t show the battery health status. App like CPU-Z can be downloaded, which shows the health status of battery in the battery tab. (DOWNLOAD NOW)

So, these are some steps that must be taken to increase battery backup of smartphone. Things to be care are, that you must not put your smartphone in the state of stress, by installing too many apps and by overusing it, that will decrease the battery efficiency.

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