The new trailer for much awaited Pixar’s animation film Incredibles 2 arrived offering new details on plot and the villain. The last released trailer along with the various poster and TV spot gave us the glimpse of the mighty yet lovely family of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. Jack-Jack, the newborn baby, single-handedly stole the limelight from the whole family with his unknown powers and adorable smile. However, that was not enough to put rest to our brewing hunger for the plot details and what adventure the family will embark on this time.

We know the wait for the new trailer was long and restless, but now it has arrived with the whole family together in it to blow our mind. The trailer opens with the entire Parr family sitting together for dinner while Violet orders her younger brother, Dash around for washing hands. The whole scenario looks like usual family dinner that being the first reason why so many of us have connected with the Incredibles’ story. The plot of Incredibles 2 will take the story ahead where we will see Elastigirl assuming the role of superhero whereas Mr. Incredible will take the responsibility of kids. The situation originating from this simple switch will bring surely bring a comedic flavor to the movie.

As Elastigirl again gets a chance to become a superhero by saving the world on the other side, Mr. Incredible is no less than Superhero as he tries to control three super kids. One of they is going through adolescence however the main trouble is the smaller one because of his mystical powers. Along with the comedy, the Incredibles 2 trailer is packed with action. Near the end of the clip, we get a good look at the villain, and it looks like he has hypnotizing power. To fight off this villain the whole family will suit up including cute Jack-Jack. Frozone voiced by Samuel L. Jackson also returns in this one with his bugging and irritating wife to take the fun to just another level. There is undoubtedly a lot to look out for in this movie, and we hope that ten years of wait is wholly justified.

Catch the Incredibles family on June 6 in theatres near you.


Incredibles 2 Cast, Director, and Synopsis – 
Cast - Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson, Sarah Vowell, Samuel L. Jackson, 
John Ratzenberger, Huck Milner, Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener, Sophia Bush, 
Jonathan Banks and Isabella Rossellini 

DirectorBrad Bird

Synopsis - Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) is left to care for Jack-Jack while Helen 
(Elastigirl) is out saving the world.