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Incredibles 2 Trailer – Mr. Incredible is Ready to Tackle the Worst Baddies i.e. Kids

The day has finally arrived when our beloved Parr family makes a comeback with the new member Jack. Earlier we saw the glimpse of him during teaser, and from the start, he has amazed us. Its been almost ten years waiting for them and they made up for that time by arriving with a bang. Incredibles 2 will pick up from the exact point where the first one ended.

Disney revealed the trailer during ongoing Winter Olympics, and it’s entirely different from what we expected. Jack is the center point of the plot as the story will no more just focus on fighting the big baddies. Also, the world has changed after the incidents of first movie and superheroes are now banned. However, a certain billionaire hires the Elastigirl to fight the baddies for him. From that moment story will focus on how Mr. Incredible takes care of the children when Mrs. Incredible aka Elastigirl is out there saving the world.

The trailer is funny and bubbly Jack will steal your heart from the get-go. A glimpse of various powers which he possesses is shown and oh boy!! we can say he is the superhero of all superheroes. During one particular scene, the trailer focuses on the point ” Taking care of Home is no task less than Heroism.” This emphasis on the fact that our mothers, wives have been a hero from the beginning of time itself.

Still, nothing has been revealed about the villain that will force the whole Parr family to dawn the suits again and save the world. We believe that he/she is hiding in hindsight and is planning something big. Talking about the cast of the movie, each actor from the original one makes a comeback, and few names like Huck Milner, Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener, and Sophia Bush are the new addition. We are sure this time also Parr family will break the box-office records with the help of mighty yet cute Jack.


As we near the release of the movie, the buzz will also start regarding will it make Oscars? From the first look, we are sure about it and may even grab all the major awards in the animation category.

Incredibles 2 Cast, and Director –
Cast - Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson, Sarah Vowell, Samuel L. Jackson, 
John Ratzenberger, Huck Milner, Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener, 
Sophia Bush, Jonathan Banks and Isabella Rossellini

Director - Brad Bird

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