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10 Behind The Scenes Secrets of Avengers Infinity War That Every Fan Must Know

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War is one of the most successful film and also smashed all records of blockbusters. The cast is loved all over the world, from the plot of the movie to the acting everything was executed perfectly. But even a film like Infinity War has some behind the screens secrets lurking around which eventually find a way to the audiences, thanks to some super chatty superstars in the movie we have regularly got some interesting secrets about the film.

Today we bring you the top 15 behind the scenes secrets about the movie we all loved so much.

  1. James Gunn and Taika Waititi contributed in the film

Infinity War Behind the scenes

James Gunn, the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Taika Waititi of Thor: Ragnarok were two much-loved directors also their respective movies were a big success as well. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were aware of the much-loved work of the two directors and to ensure that the future films are consistent with the movie they have said to consult the two directors for their characters and how they present them in Infinity War. And therefore the two directors are responsible for the characters dialogues.

  1. Mark Ruffalo spilt out the ending a year ago

Infinity War Behind the scenes

Fans are always digging for spoilers these days, and the studio has also found a way to dodge this with fake spoilers keeping fans engaged and thus the hype. But still, a tongue slip is all we need from an inner circle for the spoilers. With a chatty tongue as Mark Ruffalo, we always have high expectations from him to give high-grade spoilers. During an interview last year behind the scenes, Mark Ruffalo let a huge spoiler out. While commenting on the occasionally depressing endings depicted in the MCU, Ruffalo teased Infinity War by announcing that everybody dies in the end. His co-star, Don Cheadle, who portrays James Rhodes/War Machine, was shocked by this slip. Ruffalo tried to cover the mess up, claiming that only half of the cast dies in the movie.

  1. Iron Man wrote his own scenes

Infinity War Behind the scenes

Iron Man aka Tony Stark is played by Robert Downey Jr. has a typical sassy attitude which befits his personality and fans love it. Even fans compare Downey Jr.’s alter ego to himself and say that there’s are similar in every personality aspect. And that’s because of a reason… As it turns out Robert Downey Jr. writes his lines behind the scenes for his part. The Russo brothers were well aware of this, and as it was the Iron Man who built a stable base for the MCU, the actually would meet up with Downey Jr. before shooting his scenes to let him do his thing.

  1. Deadpool’s Rejection Letter

Infinity War Behind the scenes

Deadpool is known to give his fellow superheroes a hard time with him. Ryan Reynolds witty tongue justifies it well enough. Reynolds did congratulate the Marvel superstars on their hard work and their tenacity of shooting successfully such a large crossover movie, but it was kind of backhanded compliment. The tweet in which he congratulated all of them had a photo of a rather brutal rejection letter addressed to Deadpool from Tony Stark!

In the letter, Tony rejected the induction of Deadpool in the Avengers team giving out just a big ‘No’ without any explanation or reason. It is then suggested that he should try his luck with the X-Men team.

  1. Scarlet Witch hates her own costume

Infinity War Behind the scenes

MCU does a good job at keeping their women superheroes less revealing. They are often dressed decently and more than the male characters surely. However, Scarlet Witch’s costume is a bit of an exception and the actress Elizabeth Olsen caught the difference in her costume and the other female superheroes costumes. Olsen said that she wished that her super suit was a little less, well, revealing. Though she is mostly covered in the movie, Scarlet Witch’s outfit does show off quite a bit of cleavage, which makes Olsen hate it. But when Olsen saw the comic book version of her character, she found it ‘so horrible’ that she was happy that she didn’t have to wear that suit.

  1. Robert Downey Jr. has the luxury to skip out on Mo-Cap suit

Infinity War Behind the scenes

When you are as sassy and successful as a superhero like Robert Downey Jr., you get to do things on your terms. Iron Man refuses to wear a Motion Capture suit on the sets of his movies. During his behind the scenes interview in one of the set visits, he told Digital Spy that he wouldn’t be caught wearing that suit. Obviously, as a result, a lot of CGI goes in the putting up his character like Iron Man. But with a movie as big as Infinity War the effects already more than doubled, but Downey Jr still refused to wear the suit while the other actors were all suited up. He wore just his upper half of the suits while his pants were added by the CGI.

  1. Drax, as usual, doesn’t know what’s going on

Infinity War Behind the scenes

Drax – A stone-faced and semi-dumb character played by Dave Bautista was first inducted in MCU in Guardians of Galaxy, but he was also in Infinity Wars. But for Dave it seems like he didn’t feel it was any kind of special movie, rather he felt that Avengers are coming to their set as guest stars. Due to the nature of the movie, most of the Guardians scenes were on their sets and with their own cast, so to him it didn’t feel like some big ensemble movie. Both Infinity War and the upcoming fourth Avengers movie were shot at the same time. So, Dave would show up for work knowing his lines, he would do his job, and go home. However, aside from that, he really had no idea what was going on. He couldn’t even keep track of which one he was filming because both films were shot at same time.

  1. Joe Russo confirms no crossover of The Defenders with The Avengers

Infinity War Behind the scenes

Marvel has pretty much made their minds to not to include any TV characters in the Avengers. With some reference to Battle of New York in the Netflix shows, the fans had the hope that a crossover of The Defenders and The Avengers may be possible. But most of the time these Easter eggs go this far only and Joe Russo answered the question and admitted that the crossover was considered. However, he felt that it was too much of a task to keep the consistency of that much characters at the same time. So, the idea was dropped.

  1. The actors didn’t even know the movie’s plot while shooting

Infinity War Behind the scenes

Marvel has been known for its ability to keep things under wraps and surprise fans in the actual movie. To ensure no leaks Marvel has done pretty bizarre things in past. But with Infinity War Marvel took that step a bit further behind the scenes so much so that even the actors were not aware of the plot and the key twists. The actors reacted differently to these steps taken by Marvel. But these steps were necessary. Some of the actors simply could not be trusted with some of these big secrets and spoilers. Tom Holland, the on-screen Spiderman was not given the entire script while filming and during the interviews, Benedict Cumberbatch had to babysit him through the interview.

  1. Tom Holland accidentally leaked the poster of Infinity War

Infinity War Behind the scenes

Tom Holland is likely being trained in letting spoilers out by Mark Ruffalo. Ruffalo once leaked a major chunk of Thor: Ragnarok behind the scenes over his Instagram live-stream. Tom Holland did the same thing with Infinity War. He accidentally leaked the poster for the infinity war over Instagram live-stream. Holland got on Instagram live to stream an unboxing of a package which he got from none other than Ruffalo. Inside the box was the unrevealed poster for the movie Infinity War. While Holland was shocked and turned off live feed right away. While it’s very likely that it was a joke that how the leak was conducted by two greatest leakers in MCU and add to that Marvel released the poster soon after. However, then again, it could be a leak and Marvel was forced to do some damage control.

What do you think about the spoilers? Do you know any other spoilers from behind the scenes? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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