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Infinity War: How Russo Brothers Chose Which Character Dies?

After almost two weeks of its release, the behemoth Avengers Infinity War is still going strong at the box-office and has been able to collect more than 1 billion dollars in a matter of 11 days. There are various reasons behind the tremendous success of the movie, and one of them is that the film offers you something unique from the story perspective. The things that are still making it talk of the town is the bold decisions made in the movie. By the end of it, Avengers Infinity War came out as the deadliest Marvel movie which gave the story priority over the loveable superheroes.

Avengers Infinity War Major Spoiler Alert

The dynamic duo of directors Joe and Anthony Russo took a very complicated decision of killing major characters. But one question arises from all this, that how they decided which character should be killed. As from the very beginning, we saw Thanos taking lives of Loki, Heimdal and then love of his life, daughter Gamora. And at the very end with a snap of his fingers, he turned Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Drax, Mantis, Star-Lord, Spider-Man, and more heroes into just heap of ashes. In their recent interview with Comicbook directors threw some light over the deaths of our loveable characters and how this decision will help in taking the narrative forward.


Anthony Russo said “Joe and I can’t go into too much detail because we’re not gonna talk about where the story goes from here. All of our choices are based on the story. It’s based on the road that these characters have traveled, in not only this movie but throughout the entire entity up to this point because, again, these movies are the culmination. So all we can say is that they are very focused story choices. That’s our motivation for everything. And, again, that’s why we love Marvel so much as they never let the tail wag the dog. The creative choices always lead the process and then they figure out how to pull off the miracle of making it work on a business level.”

There is a bleak hope that maybe all the characters will come back to life and give Thanos a tough fight. No matter what, we have full trust in the vision of Russo brothers as they have already given us Marvel’s best movies to date. The way they have been handling the complicated universe is phenomenal, and that builds up a lot of trust in their creative decisions. While discussing the decision, Russo Brothers also cleared one other doubt that, will one of the most hated characters from the movie, Starlord get a chance of redemption? The answer was straight ‘No,’ and Joe Russo added that it is not possible as ‘he is dead.’


However, we will have to wait for almost a year to get the concrete answers regarding the future of these characters when Avengers 4 hit the theatres. So, hold on tight and stay safe until May next year to see what destiny has in store for our superheroes.

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