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The Inhumans Are Over as X-Men Are Coming Back To Marvel

Disney – Fox deal has already made much hype in the fandom as the fans like this the opportunity to bring back the X-Men to its home Marvel. It also made the future for Inhumans dicey. With X-Men returning the Inhumans are probably over in MCU at least.

Inhuman was always low on priority list, but the heroes saw a rise in the comics as Marvel wanted them to replace X-Men. Marvel also planned a movie which was later converted to a TV series. They were essential to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and their crossovers.

Marvel tried hard to push Inhumans as superhumans which acquired power through Terrigenesis bomb rather than genetic mutation like in the case of X-Men. But it didn’t go too well with the fandom and the critics and struggled to keep up the readership tally. While sales of Ms. Marvel were an exception whose status as Inhuman is also secondary to her story. And now with X-Men returning to Marvel, the sales difference of X-Men and Inhumans are incomparable, so looking at the stats, the days of the Inhuman race in Marvel are over. But for those who don’t have an idea what we are talking about, let’s get into who are Inhumans and X-Men.

X-Men and Inhumans

The Inhuman race is the humans who were experimented by an alien race called Kree. The Kree eventually abandoned their creations, and the Inhumans formed their society, separate from regular humans and led by a royal family. The Inhuman race can use rare crystals, called Terrigen Crystals, to trigger a process called Terrigenesis that awakens their unique powers and mutations, with no two Inhumans having the same abilities.

While the X-Men are merely humans, who have their genetic mutations to thank for their special abilities. They are simply born with it and can activate their abilities at any time in their life.


While the Disney – Fox deal approved, it’s still a mystery how the X-Men will be pushed into the mainstream Marvel timeline. But we are sure that the return of the series has led to Inhumans’ future in Marvel bleak. For proof, the Death of Inhumans is already happening in the comics. Death of the Inhumans comic event has already started to shake things up, killing off eleven thousand and thirty-eight (and counting) members of the Inhuman race.

X-Men and Inhumans

Also, Wolverine will be making a comeback in a series known as Return of Wolverine which debuts in September. Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four are also returning in a new series, which launches in August. This pretty much indicates Marvel’s attention to end the Inhuman series and launch X-Men in MCU as soon as the deal goes through.

What do you guys think about the Inhumans and the X-Men? Do you think X-Men has to end the Inhumans series to come back in Marvel? Do let us know your views in the comment section below!

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