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Instagram music stickers feature may launch soon

Instagram happens to be the best social media platform to share photos and videos. And it has plenty of features to get that popularity like there are a plethora of filters and stickers to choose from. Addition to this, stories can be added with stickers and GIFs. And not only for a casual user, but Instagram also allows a lot of business tools and constantly making them better. Recently Instagram added a feature with which users can buy the products by visiting the link right from the stories and Instagram is also testing the payment option on the platform. And not only this, but we have also witnessed the Instagram Focus feature, which is to arrive soon for all devices, with which a user can take portrait photos even with a single camera. And now Instagram seems to come with a new feature; it is the Instagram music stickers feature.

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Instagram music stickers

TechCrunch reported that Instagram Android app points towards a new “music stickers” feature. You may have predicted the ability of the new Instagram music stickers a bit. If the new feature becomes a reality, the user will be able to search for their favorite song, artist, and the genres, and the selected song will be played with the stories in the background.

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According to the report, the code inside Instagram Android app has traces of an unreleased Search Music feature, whose option button will be available besides the location button, and will be the part of the Instagram Music Stickers feature.

Instagram music stickers

Instagram music stickers

However, Instagram did not confirm the music stickers feature, when Techchrunch asked about it. And we also, can’t assure if the feature will work same as discussed above, as there is no official announcement for the feature and possibly Instagram music sticker can be different, like how will Instagram manage to provide the legal music stream, it could be a third party music stream integration, as done with Giphy for GIF feature.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but stay tuned for updates.


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