Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Instagram new feature let you buy products from Stories

Instagram one of the most popular social networking platform has added a new feature to its list. Now you can shop your favourite products from Instagram stories. Previously, this feature was added for users to shop for products from their Instagram feed.

The company has announced that they will add shopping bag icon to the Instagram stories so users can get an idea of making a purchase.

Instagram has mentioned that their Instagram Stories feature is being used by 300 million people each day. And it is a great opportunity for brands to showcase their products to a large number of users.

This feature will be first tested on the brands like Adidas. Louis Vuitton and Aritiza but no date have been confirmed for the release of this feature for generic users.

Shopping function to Instagram is more appealing to the customers. As in future, we might see some famous actor wearing some hoodie and we can buy those clothes in the same instance from the Instagram stories.

Instagram new feature

Instagram new feature

Instagram new feature

Social Media is becoming more popular these days, so marketers might try the compelling social media for advertisements and commercials.

As reported on CNBC, Instagram has daily 800 million active users and the younger generation are using it the most. Nearly, 71 % of the users are from the age group of 18 to 24 years old.

Addition of the Buy from Stories feature on Instagram could tumble the YouTube market a little, as they also have a shoppable feature on YouTube.

Companies always keep working on one or the other way to lure its customers but it hard to stand out in the stiff competition and using the Instagram stories to attract the buyers will surely add to their profit.

Let us know in the comments section, how the addition of this new feature could transform the marketing industry.


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