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Instagram IGTV Launched, to Clash with Video-Giant YouTube | Instagram vs Youtube

Instagram is one of the most popular content sharing site and app. It allows users to share pictures and minute-long videos. As of today, Instagram IGTV service was launched for everyone. You can now upload hour-long videos in a portrait format. Instagram has been meeting up with creators for quite a while in the past few weeks, asking them to create 10-minute vlogs, just like YouTube. The results we can see bearing fruit in IGTV. As soon as you launch IGTV, a video from one of your followed creator starts playing. It allows you to intuitively go through one video to another, showing you things that might interest you. At the same, you can browse IGTV videos of your favorite artists.

Instagram vs Youtube

Instagram’s IGTV plans to take on YouTube, and it looks like it certainly has the guns to do so.
It already has a tremendous amount of content available for users to stream.
YouTube still relies on the age-old formula of simple upload-and-let-the-video-spread. IGTV brings innovation to the game by providing a modern interface, intuitive browsing, tailored content and most importantly, support for vertical videos. In this smartphone generation, vertical videos take the center-stage.

IGTV allows not only celebrities, but common people to be creators too. On YouTube, you have to build up a community first to be able to get popular. On Instagram, most of the people have a lot of friends already following them, and hence won’t have any issue in getting a reach. And most importantly, since it is a following and popularity based portal, useless videos that tend to fill up YouTube won’t appear on your IGTV.

Instagram vs Youtube
Instagram IGTV

The app is pretty intuitive with an easy-to-get-used-to interface. You can swipe around looking at different videos. When a new video releases, you get a callout from the IGTV logo in the Instagram app.

Instagram vs Youtube

As far as the videos go, the creators can shoot vertical videos with an option to give a link in the description. Instagram will also let creators make a channel specifically for IGTV videos.

Currently, the IGTV app doesn’t show any advertisements. We expect advertisements to arrive soon as it is a premium space for promotion.

Final Words

It has been a long time since any video service of such a scale was announced that appeals to the new generation. With all the new offerings and stress on creator-user relationship, IGTV provides a platform that rivals YouTube. We sure hope to see a strong competition between both.


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