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Instagram IGTV Video Hub Service to Launch By the End of the Day, to Compete with YouTube

Instagram video hub IGTV to connect creators with audiences better

Instagram IGTV is going to launch today and we can’t be more excited! Instagram’s video hub allows you to upload a video between 15 seconds and 60 minutes making it perfect for content creators and entertainers.

Instagram is a platform for sharing pictures and minute-sized video clips. Many creative people use it to showcase their work and gain popularity. It also serves as a social media platform by providing you with an option to follow your friends and watch and comment on their activities. You can also send direct messages to people you follow.

Until today, there was no dedicated video service on the platform. People can share videos but they are limited by time and resolution. Instagram IGTV hopes to change that. People will be able to upload 4k videos in any orientation. Instagram’s video hub is not like Facebook videos, where you randomly stumble across videos. It is more like YouTube, where you go to specifically watch a creator.


IGTV is touted to be a boon to creators. For a long time, people had complained that they can’t upload 10-minute vlogs like they can on YouTube and have to cut back a lot to downsize the clip. Instagram sat with creators for about a week and asked them to create such vlogs as content for the new platform. Instagram believes that it will let the creative minds decide what IGTV shapes out to be. It is already being compared to Snapchat’s discover feature.

Instagram IGTV will also allow links to other sites from within the content. It will enable users to visit the creator’s website or any other link they refer to.

IGTV can also serve as a part-time distraction from Instagram. For example, let’s say you are bored of your friends’ feeds. You can jump to Lele Pons’ IGTV channel and watch a comedy video or two. There are endless possibilities.

Instagram IGTV

Finally, it is important for the Facebook family of apps too. By now, none of them had a dedicated video hub service where users deliberately went instead of stumbling across. It will open up Facebook to cash in on the ad-service and can provide creators with a monetization advantage like YouTube.

While IGTV sounds cool and necessary, we need to remember that YouTube still exists and is the world leader in video content. Instagram IGTV will have to bring in tons of innovation to draw users’ attention towards itself, otherwise, there might be no reason to switch over from YouTube to IGTV. That being said, the idea is still one of a kind as it combines a social media platform with a video hub.


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