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Intel partners with NTT Docomo for 2020 Olympic Games, MWC 2018

Over its successful run at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 with Korea Telecom, the Intel is partnering with Japanese Telecom Company NTT DoCoMo for the implementation of the 5G technology and VR experience for the 2020 Olympic Games at Tokyo.

The partnership has been announced during the conference held by Intel in the event of Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona, Spain. Intel SVP & Chief strategy officer Aicha Evans has stated that they have led a successful campaign in providing the 5G technology and 360 degrees VR at the Olympic Winter Games. The company has shown epitome of new technology and it’s implementation by installing 100 camera in the Ice Rink of Winter Olympics to deliver 360 degree views, whose data is first transmitted to nearby edge-compute servers working on 5G technology and then transferring that data to KT server over 5G to capture the viewpoint for any angle and direction. Further, the data was managed by the commercial edge servers capable of producing high-resolution media and graphics at low latency.

Intel 2020 Olympics
Image Credits: Anand Tech

The 5G technology at Tokyo Olympics will feature Gigabit speeds, high-quality live streaming and low latency. The company will be showcasing & utilizing four significant types of technology at the Olympics 2020 which includes OmniView, Interactive Time-Slice, 360 degrees VR and Sync View. The Intel has partnered with Olympics(Winter/Summer) for coming 8 years to revolutionize the experience of streaming platforms and implementation of 360 degrees VR at ultra-low latency. The company has said that will be a humongous task to implement 5G technology at this broad scale level and will be a good challenge for the company. They will also be focusing on setting up the infrastructure for 8K technology. As this will be broad scale deployment, the NTT Docomo will be associating with 600 partners stated by Dr Nakamura, CTO (NTT Docomo). The implementation of 5G will not only be limited to the Olympic games, but we will also notice it’s a broader user which includes Remote control (cars and robots) and other IOT ecosystem.

Intel 2020 Olympics
Image Credit: Anand Tech

The Intel conference stage was also graced by the Toyota GM, to discuss upon the future of autonomous driving in the much crowded Tokyo and USA. For the development of the next generation of the vehicles featuring auto drive feature will require more amount of data and computation, up to 1-2 exabytes. This amount of computation will require server and technologies with high speeds, low latency and 5G will be a key change in technology to transform this in an effective manner

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