Intel 28 cores processor announced at Computex 2018 for Q4

Intel has started pushing themselves, to bring out the best chips in the market. The company is already facing a lot of stiff competition from AMD and Qualcomm.

Qualcomm, who is already working to get best ARM-based chips for laptops provides greater battery time than average chips.

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Intel’s client computing head, mentioned in an interview last week, that they will be revealing even more powerful chip than last year.

Intel 28 cores processor

Intel 28 cores processor

Last year, Intel has released 18 core, 36 thread Intel i9-7980 XE processor. But this year, the company has crossed all its previous benchmarks by announcing the launch of Intel 28 cores processor that will run at a 5GHz frequency. AMD which is the closest competitor of Intel has best in the lineup, is their Threadripper processor which has 16 cores and 32 threads.

Intel 28 cores processor
Image Source: AnandTech

The company has also unveiled a new limited edition processor, the Core i7-8086K which will also run at the frequency of 5.0 GHz.

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At Computex 2018, the company has also shared their plans for their 8th Generation series of processors named Whiskey Lake which is based on 14-nanometer technology. These processors have been designed for lightweight laptops. One more series which has been discussed is called Amber Lake, it also works on the 14-nanometer production process and will be accustomed to the thinnest laptops and tablets.

With these new lineups of processors, the company is ready to take on any challenge coming their way. It will be interesting to see, what AMD will bring in response to the Intel’s 28 core processors.

Intel has also showcased Optane Solid State drive, 905P with the new feature set. It will now offer 1.5 Terabyte of storage in a smaller M.2 design.

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