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Intel Discrete Graphics Card announced for 2020 release

Intel has announced that they will release their own discrete graphics card in 2020 which will focus on high-end gaming.

This news has been shared by Intel on their official Twitter account mentioned ” Intel’s first discrete GPU coming in 2020.

Intel Discrete Graphics Card

The entry of Intel in the GPU market could disrupt the tones of Nvidia, which is one of the best graphics card manufacturers in the world. AMD and Nvidia are the only two companies in the world, who are producing a major share of the graphics cards in the world. Intel’s entry into the GPU industry will introduce new levels of competition in the graphics cards industry.


Intel current range of processors has integrated graphics processing units but it will be the first time, that the company will launch discrete graphics card. Now from here on, three companies will be running the race which includes Intel, AMD and Nvidia.

Intel Discrete Graphics Card

Intel Discrete Graphics Card

2020 is a long way to go, as still two and half years are left for this happening to be a reality. The previous year, the company recruited AMD and Apple GPU boss Raja Koduri who has reshaped the GPU lineup for AMD into a huge success. With such expertise on the Intel side, we can expect some serious efforts and a great range of graphics cards coming from the Intel in the coming future.

Intel has recently announced 28 cores processor at the Computex 2018, while in response to that AMD demonstrated 32 cores processor. So, we can conclude from this, both of them wants to put their best efforts to lure the customers for using their hardware.

It will be interesting to see, how efficiently the Intel graphics card will compete alongside the Intel and Nvidia.

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