Team Fnatic clinched the Intel Extreme Masters 2018 CounterStrike Global Offensive Title of 2018 with 3-2 win over the popular Faze Clan in an epic grand final. The match was breathtaking and took near-about 7 hours to deliver the final result. Both the teams have shown the splendid kills, strategies throughout the match but the Team Fnatic hold their nerve till the end and manages to grab the title.

The match between Team Fnatic and Team Faze was played on five maps from CS:GO. Starting from the maps Faze removed CobbleStone and Fnatic removed Nuke. Further ahead Team Faze picked Cache Map with the result favouring the Team Faze ( 16: 5). Moving ahead Team Fnatic picked next map Inferno in which Team Fnatic manages to gain the lead with 22:20 points over Team Faze and settling the match at 1-1. In the next round Faze picked the map Overpass manages to win with a 16-7 score. In the fourth match, Fnatic picked on the Map Mirage and defeated Faze Clan at the point of 16-11 setting the right tone for the final stage with the final score of 2-2 and pushing the enthralling final to the fifth match. At the last only Train, Map was left over, so it set downs the stage to this map.

At the start of the fifth match on the Train Map both the teams have already a lot of energy drained but no one from either side was willing to give up.

Team Fnatic Intel Extreme Masters 2018

In the first round of the fifth match, the Team Faze Clan manages to stay ahead with the points of 8-7. But just after that, we witnessed some stunning performance from Team Fnatic and they won 6 rounds straight away putting back pressure on Team Faze. Lekr0 and Flusha impressed with their stunning strategies and impeccable killings and taking the score to 13-8. But this was the point where they lost some focus and with some great shots from Rain, Niko and Guardian giving their team a decent comeback and taking the score back to 14-14. Yes, everything was happening in this grand final and both team going neck to neck to break on each other strategies. The match went to a tiebreaker with the scoreline of 15-15. In the overtime, it was all about Flusha who managed to score 2 aces in the end rounds and leading its team to the final victory with the scoreline of 19-17

Faze Clan vs Fnatic Detailed Score Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2018 CounterStrike Global Offensive

Cache: 16-5
Inferno: 20-22
Overpass: 7-16
Mirage: 16-11
Train: 17-19

Watch Faze Clan vs Fnatic Score Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2018

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Team Fnatic Intel Extreme Masters 2018

Map Cache

Team Fnatic Intel Extreme Masters 2018

Map Inferno

Team Fnatic Intel Extreme Masters 2018

Map Mirage

Team Fnatic Intel Extreme Masters 2018

Map Overpass

Team Fnatic Intel Extreme Masters 2018

Final Map Train


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