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15 Interesting Facts About Ant-Man That Every Fan Must Know!

With Ant-Man and the Wasp releasing tomorrow, fans are already excited to see what the sequel holds for the heroes and MCU. While you wait eagerly to go to your nearest cinema for your Marvel pilgrimage, we bring you some interesting facts about Ant-Man.

Interesting Facts About Ant-Man

He’s Super Genius!

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Whenever we talk about genius in MCU, the name of Tony Stark aka Iron Man comes up in our minds. But until now we haven’t seen anyone come close to his genius and ingenious mind other than Doctor Banner aka the Hulk. But did you know that even Tony’s mind is no match for Ant-Man?

Yes, Hank Pym is a genius whose intelligence rivals the great Tony Stark’s. While Tony Stark is a great mechanic and an inventor, Hank Pym can make science in his hands do wonders. From hopping dimensions to making himself super-sized surely beats making a bunch of super-suits.(Facts About Ant-Man)

He’s the creator of Ultron!

The MCU revamped the fact that was the key in the Ultron arc in the comics. In MCU, as we saw in Age of Ultron that it was the Tony Stark’s idea and also he was the main force behind creating Ultron, but in the comics, it was the Ant-Man who created the Ultron!

Like in the movie, in the comics too the robot gains self-awareness and soon goes to evil ways. But in the comics, the villain keeps coming back even after defeat. It is something that MCU has taken off the stain from him.

He’s an Inter-Dimension traveller

We’ve already seen what his powers are in his first movie. But in the end, to save his daughter from Yellow-Jacket, he goes sub-atomic and reaches what was introduced in the MCU as the Quantum Realm.

In the comics, he’s acquired the power to hop around different dimensions using Pym Particle, which is a particle from some other dimension. We will see more of Ant-Man’s inter-dimension hopping in the movies to come. With the advent of Quantum Realm, there’s a much possibility as to how to explore it further in the franchise. (Facts About Ant-Man)

He seems to have some very lame set of villains

A great hero is always accompanied by great villains, while this is true for all movies, but for superhero movies, this becomes some serious problem. Because as regressive it may sound, but the level of villains they fight rates the hero’s level. And for him, this is some problem the character has faced.

As we stated he fought Ultron, but his significant set of villains include characters like Egghead, Whirlwind and Black Knight which we have never heard of. (Facts About Ant-Man)

He can have super strength!

Ant-Man is a pretty misleading name, while it literally means a person with size and strength of a man but the opposite is also true, he can grow many times bigger and can have supers-strength rivalling even the Hulk and Thor.

While some villains give the Avengers like Thor and Hulk a hard time, he can squish them out with his brute force by sizing up in one button click!

With power like that, Tony Stark may not have to use Hulkbuster when he runs amok.

Has a dark side which is much dark to destroy the world!

While he’s an Avenger and dons his responsibility to save the whole world, he also has a dark side, a dark side which is darker enough to destroy the world!

When he created Ultron, he was not only guilty of creating him, it was, in fact, some other reason why he is guilty. It turns out that Ultron was created using the brain waves of Ant-Man himself! This means that the path Ultron chose of evil is a dark side of himself and his personality’s dark side is dark enough to destroy the whole world. (Facts About Ant-Man)

He’s an Illuminati member

Illuminati is a secret society of powerful and wealthy people who control power, money and have the influence worldwide. It’s still not confirmed that the society is real but in Marvel Universe, it does exist and Ant-Man is one of them.

In Marvel, it consisted of some of the most intelligent brains and was a sort of think tank which included members like Professor X, Doctor Strange, Iron Man. Later, Ant-Man joined the group and went from dimensions to dimensions collecting information. (Facts About Ant-Man)

He pretty unstable for a hero

Besides creating Ultron, which haunted the Avengers many times, he is pretty unstable, and no, we are not using unstable as a derogatory comment – he’s unstable.

It all started when he inhaled a gas which made him schizophrenic. His condition later deteriorated to Multiple Personality Disorder. He was able to recover from it, and also Ultron brainwashed him but even after that, he has violent breakdowns. So, still he’ out there like a ticking bomb which can set off any minute. (Facts About Ant-Man)

Chose the wrong side of Civil War

In the comics, the Civil War was much different than the movie. The movie was pretty good as compared to the comics which showed Captain America was right and Iron Man was wrong. While Iron Man’s side did some seriously questionable stuff, Ant-Man did instrumental in doing the shady stuff.

Ant-Man designed a special prison in another universe and whoever resisted to the superhuman registration was thrown into the prison without any trial. (Facts About Ant-Man)

Heroism runs in the family

In the Marvel Universe there are different incarnations of Ant-Man, and in all of them, the typical thing which runs in all of them is that heroism runs through the family of his every incarnation.

Hank Pym’s daughter went on ahead to become a different kind of Wasp. Ultron, his creation went on ahead to create Vision like heroes, even Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie went on ahead to become a young Avenger as well. (Facts About Ant-Man)

He’s the founding member of the Avengers!

For the newcomers, it may seem as if the Ant-Man is a new superhero, but it is the opposite. Many long-standing Marvel fans would know this, he and the Wasp who were the founding members of the Avengers!

Both he and the Wasp were the first two members who came together initially and in fact, it was their group that found Captain America in his frozen form. So, it turns that it was the Ant-Man and the Wasp who get the credit to save all the people Avengers have saved. (Facts About Ant-Man)

He didn’t keep his superhuman powers a secret

Instead of keeping the secret of his shrinking and expanding a secret, Ant-Man shared it with others as well. The Pym Particle – The one responsible for his all his powers was not kept a secret from others.

For instance, He’s helped the Fantastic Four save their lives and explore strange new worlds, and his invention has helped Beast learn about the mutant gene. And on one memorable occasion, Pym Particles helped S.H.I.E.L.D. defeat Godzilla. (Facts About Ant-Man)

He’s always pretty popular with the ladies

It’s quite a rush with the ladies with Avengers like Iron Man and Captain America. But our very own Ant-Man has also been popular with ladies on and off screen as well. He’s popular among the ladies as well.

He has dated Hope’s character on-screen and Jessica Jones in the comics. The original Ant-Man has been with everyone from the Wasp to Tigra. (Facts About Ant-Man)

Secretly a Supervillain!

Ant-Man’s been a mess way more than any other Avenger. He’s been through mental illness and has hurt people who care about him as well. In a way, he’s his worst enemy.

In the Ant-Man in the MCU, we have seen him taking on Yellow Jacket, his evil copy. But in the comics, Yellow Jacket is a codename used when he used to go crazy. So, MCU picked up his villain as himself from the comics. (Facts About Ant-Man)

Ant-Man has a rich legacy

Ant-Man has a rich legacy which he has left behind every time his incarnation has changed he has left something great to follow and accomplish. There is the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, who has left the trail for others to follow. Then there is the second, reformed thief Scott Lang (the one casual fans are most familiar with due to the Marvel Cinematic Universe). Finally, there’s Eric O’Grady, an amoral S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent who uses his powers for personal gain as well as the victory over evil.

Ant-Man and the Wasp is releasing on 6th July, followed by Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 in 2019. Also, Spider-Man far from Home will follow up after Avengers 4 with Guardians of Galaxy releasing in 2020.

What do you think about these facts about Ant-Man? Are you excited to see it? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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