5 Interesting Facts on Monkey D. Dragon, most wanted man in One Piece

One Piece manga has a really huge fanbase worldwide and its manga series has been running from last two decades. In the past two decades, we have seen many powerful, feared and dangerous characters but one man which is most sought and has an interesting history is Monkey D. Dragon. In the article below, we will coverĀ 5 Interesting Facts on Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon is one of the most wanted person by the World Government.

Most of the pirates do not want to indulge themselves with the World Government but that is not the case with Monkey D. Dragon

Being a member of Revolutionary Force, he is the person who directly threatens the World Government. He and his associated wants to create a downfall in the government and get freedom for the oppressed.

Five things which make Monkey D. Dragon most hunted man in One Piece series has been described below

Interesting Facts on Monkey D. Dragon

1) First Appearance in the year 1999

Monkey D. Dragon was first seen in the Loguetown. Once, he helped Luffy by getting him away from Smoker

He made his first appearance in the year 1999 and in one other appearance in the year 2006, Garp introduces Dragon, to Luffy. Not much information has been revealed about the Dragon and making him the curious case

2) Smoker knows Monkey D. Dragon Identity

Many mysteries revolve around the Monkey D. Dragon but there is a slight possibility, Smoker knows about him

As in one conversation between them, Smoker did not consider Dragon as dangerous.

In a manga chapter, Smoker reminds him, the world government wants to take his head

3) Present in the Gol D. Roger Execution

Monkey D. Dragon has also attended the Gol D. Roger execution, he attends it in his young days where his face does not have a tattoo. The other famous characters which were there at the time of execution includes Mihawk, Gekko Moriah, Doflamingo

4) Most wanted human in the world

Dragon is known to be one of the most wanted humans in the world. It should not be seen as a surprise because Big Mom, White Beard and Kaido has not posed any sort of danger to the world before time skip but Dragon was always ready to take down the Government

Interesting Facts on Monkey D. Dragon

Interesting Facts on Monkey D. Dragon

5) Wanted to Use Reverie to Start Big War

We are aware of the fact, Dragon always wanted to take down the government. He gathered his associates from the world and has also made official, they will use Reverie to declare war

But in between, Reverie has been cut off, as Luffy adventure in Wano is going on.

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