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Interesting video shows voices behind your favorite Apex Legends Characters

Apex Legends is one of the best free battle royale games available in the market. The game was released back in February 2019 and became an overnight success. The game amassed a total of 50 million players in just one month of its release.

The game features a total of nine legends and each of the characters has different abilities. Initially, there were only eight legends available for the game, where 6 were free to play and 2 legends (Caustic, Mirage) could be unlocked by playing the game or by spending in-game currency. Each character of the Apex Legends has its own fanbase, as some love to play with Lifeline or some love to play with Mirage. These characters speak punchy lines in their intros and kill quips which add swag to your playing character.

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An interesting video by u/wamboo0 shares the voices behind these legends and how they implied it on these characters. The list of people who have voiced your favourite Apex Legends characters has been shared below.

Roger Craig Smith – Mirage
Mela Lee – Lifeline
JB Blanc – Caustic
Chris Edgerly – Pathfinder
Shantel Vansanten – Wraith
Erica Luttrell – Bangalore
Allegra Clark – Bloodhound
Nicolas Roye – Octane
Branscombe Richmond – Gibraltar

Voices of Apex legends from r/apexlegends


The people who have played these characters tell us how their voiced characters are connected to them in real life, and how they have been able to tone them so perfectly.

If you are a big fan of the Apex Legends game, we are sure you must have one favourite Intros/kill quips. Now, we can take a moment and thank these people who have put their heart to make these in-game legends enjoyable to play.


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